Diablo 2 LoD - Kicksin Assassin Walkthrough - Part 1: The Den of Evil

Hey everyone, welcome the the very first episode of my Diablo 2 Playthrough with a Kicksin Assassin. I am super excited for this playthrough because it is one of my favorite builds in the game. We start out this episode leveling up a bit in the Blood Moore and then heading down into the Den of Evil to take out all the enemies in order to complete our first quest for Akara.

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Assassin Artwork Made By ArtofTY. Feel free to check out his other work. He has some pretty awesome stuff.



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13 thoughts on “Diablo 2 LoD — Kicksin Assassin Walkthrough — Part 1: The Den of Evil

  1. Very nice !!! I've always liked Diablo 2 way more than Torchlight and Poe , but my favourite game ever remains the first Dark Souls … However ,I would really love to see an official remake of D2 being made by Blizzard . Good luck with the new walktrough ! ;D

  2. its 2020 and many speedrunners and diablo2 Players are active on twitch again. i started playing again! (started in 2001) i did researches on assines builds and i am surprised About kicksin

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