Diablo 2 LOD: Teh Cow Level Gameplay(MOOOO MOO MOO!!!!!!!)

This is a solo run cow level on diablo 2 LOD just upload it for fun, with my frenzy barb. The cow level back in the old days was the best way to level up, until blizzard changed all that. the cow level can only be entered and created after beating baal on each difficulty, normal, nightmare, and hell. However, killing the cow king will make you unable to make the portal, so i myself don’t kill the king, or don’t try to at least.

Diablo 2 LOD: Teh Cow Level Gameplay(MOOOO MOO MOO!!!!!!!)


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48 thoughts on “Diablo 2 LOD: Teh Cow Level Gameplay(MOOOO MOO MOO!!!!!!!)

  1. Well, no guarantee that the # of scrolls in the tome affects the number of cows, but to me it seems to be true. When I put 20 in the tome, i'm getting like 50 cows swarming me every turn. Which is nice :). They're like the jackpot if you can farm them effectively. 😛 You only gotta worry about the cows when you're not decked out in decent gear. THAT'S when you start worrying.

  2. Yeah, that cow level was always a terrifying experience for me. Playing late at night, in the dark, with all the creepy mooing… And not the best gear, since I only played single player and almost never online. LOL

    I was always running scared in that level, desperately trying to stay alive.

  3. Well no wonder you'd be scared with such mediocre gear and playing late at night. I'd be a bit afraid as well. But I have a wind druid with 75% block, high damage reduction, the defensive works >_>. I always liked building defensive characters, and they were pretty good at tanking cow levels. 😀

  4. I found 2 dead rogues in this level! Ho000w did they get there?

    (The cow king does not wear a crown.)

  5. How are you not losing mana using whirlwind? I take it because of that shit ton of charms..

  6. I played this game for three years straight with my friends in highschool — the cow level STILL tickles my fancy. This will ALWAYS beat unicorns in rainbow land… forever.

  7. I think my favorite experience with the cow level was when I was with a bunch of low-level 10-to-20-something shmucks just trying to get through enough of act 1 just to get the portal open. Through negligience and being completely underleveled, the cows swarmed all over the entrance portal. I tried entering once after that, and there was a giant chorus of "MOO!"s and a bunch of synchronized swinging bardiches and I let out my death wail instantly.

    I didn't respawn, though. Everyone had lost all their gear in that cow level, and by God, they were going to get it back. I just sat back and ate dinner while I watched the equivalent of a bunch of naked Shakespearian actors swan-dive into the world's fastest mooing wood-chipper, one screaming fatality after another.

    Good times.

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  9. I remember playing a javazon and single handedly laying waste to the cow level in 8ppl hell hardcore games. The only thing to fear was lag. If the javazon wasn't the best build to mow down huge mobs, I would have liked to see what was. If you kited and shape the mob properly, you could literally take out several dozen (maybe more) cows with 3-4 lightning fury (or was it lightning strike?) attacks. Any mobs that weren't lightning immune were dispatched in very short order.

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