Diablo 2 - Lord of Destruction - Pandemonium Event - Frenzy Barbarian - HD

Diablo 2 — Lord of Destruction — Pandemonium Event — Uber Tristram — Frenzy Barbarian. Done quicker than my Smiter! Thus proving that Paladins aren’t the best choice for everything.

Helmet: Arreat’s Face socketed with Cham Rune
Amulet: Angelic Wings
Rings: Angelic Halo’s
Belt: Upped Perfect Thundergods Vigor
Gloves: Perfect defense Laying of Hands Disciple Set Gloves (87 defense)
Boots: Perfect defense upgraded Gore Rider (213 defense)
Weapons: Last Wish Phase Blade Runeword Sword, Grief Phase Blade Runeword Sword
Body Armor: Chains of Honor Runeword Armor

Mercenary: Act Two Blessed Aim Aura
Body Armor: Ethereal defense bugged Chains of Honor Runeword Armor
Weapon: Ethereal upgraded Kelpie Snare socketed with Amn Rune
Helmet: Upgraded Perfect Resist Kira’s Guardian socketed with 25% Lightning Resist / 15% Increased Attack Speed Jewel

Gear Switch for Non Ubers:
Body Armor: Fortitude
Mercenary Body Armor: Ethereal defense bugged Fortitude

Weapon Switch: +3 Battle Orders Call To Arms Runeword Sword in a Crystal Sword, +3 Warcries Crystal Sword — so they match the Grief and Last Wish.

Max Damage / Attack Rating / Life / Faster Hit Recovery / Resist / Elemental+Poison Damage Small Charms, Barbarian Hellfire Torch, Annihilus Small Charm

Pre-cast: Inventory Charms swapped for Warcry Grand Charms, Arreat’s Face swapped for +3 Warcries +3 Battle Orders Helmet, +3 Warcries Amulet, 2x Stone of Jordan, Arachnid Mesh.

Demon Limb used for Enchant on myself and mercenary. Venom from Arachnid Mesh used on myself. Chilling Armor cast from Fortitude beforehand. Fade cast from Last Wish beforehand.

Skills used:
20 Frenzy
20 Double Swing
20 Battle Orders
20 Sword Mastery
1 in Prerequisites like Iron Skin, Natural Resistence, Increased Stamina, Increased Speed, Howl, Battle Cry, Find Potion, Find Item, Shout, Battle Command.
Remaining Points in Taunt.

Conclusion: 42000+ attack rating, max resist versus Uber Mephisto (me and mercenary), 5000+ Life on my Barbarian, 5400+ Life on Mercenary. Total Battle Orders level = 55 — Maximum Level.


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