DiablO 2 | Lord of Destruction | The Original Strafe Build | Buriza-Do Kyanon

Hello guys! Today lets take a stroll down memory lane to my favorite game of all time Diablo 2 and we are particulary going to take a look at one of my most successful builds The Bowazon Strafe Build.

So generally the bread and butter of the build will be the Strafe skill as its one of the most OP skill in the game although the only draw back is the fact that you cannot move while strafing and that is why I socketed the Buriza-Do Kyanon and placed a Nef rune there for the knockback effect. This will give us some form of survivability as monsters get knocked back while we are using the skill Strafe.

The Freezing Arrow skill is used generally to freeze groups of monsters before we fire a volley of arrows from our Strafe skill.
The Lycander’s Aim will be our switch weapon of choice if we want to a much quicker volley of arrows.

Skills used:
Strafe: 20
Freezing Arrow: 1
Critical Strike: 20
Penetrate: 20
Pierce: 3 (should have been 1)
Valkyrie: 20 (awesome meat shield)

Unique Gears:
Weapons: Buriza-Do Kyanon / Lycander’s Aim
Helm: Darksight Helm
Amulet: Saracen’s Chance
Chest: Duriel’s Shell
Rings: Rare / Carrion Wind
Belt: Thundergod’s Vigor
Gloves: Laying of Hands (Set)
Boots: Tearhaunch

Thank you all so much for watching and have a good one! ^_^

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