Diablo 2 on windows 98, Installation, LOD, Patch 1.13D, No CD, Enjoy-SP mod

In this video we are Installing Diablo 2 on Windows 98 with LOD expension. Then we update the game to Patch 1.13D (1.14D don’t work on windows 98 anymore)

Download the 1.13D patch

Enjoy-SP mod

To run the game with No-CD you only need to copy some files from the play expension disc.

After installing the game we of course gonna play it!

Build video of the Athlon 600 with 3DFX Voodoo 3 3000

Installing Diablo 2 on Windows 98, LOD, Patch 1.13D, No CD, EnjoySP mod.

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Music: Teknoaxe: Fast Car Intro

Intro v1.0 done by Bart Remmers


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