Diablo 2 Speedrun Tutorial Part 1: Introduction

Here I give a general introduction to Diablo 2 speedrunning. This covers some basics like when to start/stop your timer, what splits we generally use, and what kind of expectations you should have running this game. — Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/mrllamasc


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35 thoughts on “Diablo 2 Speedrun Tutorial Part 1: Introduction

  1. I doubt I will ever do a speedrun of D2 or anything but this is entertaining to watch! keep doing pls! Too bad I can almost never watch you live because of the schedule
    The only speedrun I ever attempted to do was Jedi Outcast (i segmented it per level), which took me fucking forever to make progress, but then I just couldn't go further with reasonable time at the Carin Dock level — and after a couple of months later my HDD with all the recordings died (well, I helped it a bit xD)

  2. Hey @mrllamasc does anyone run D2 Classic? I never much cared for LOD with ruins etc. I was hoping to do a 2 person run of D2 classic just for fun with a mate. We use to school kids in the blood moor so we thought it'd be fun to try and beat classic as quick as we can.

    Any suggested strats / route for D2 classic with 2 people? I know this is a specific question… THANKS! 😀

  3. hello sir,started to play d2 after YEARS with my mates.This game is immortal,so perfect and charming 🙂

  4. Your love of D2 has earned you another sub, D2 is still one of my favourite games of all time, have recently reinstalled it again with Median XL, multires and plugy, essentially D2 on steroids… also currently playing Grim Dawn to death..you should try it out if you haven't already…would be rude not to..

  5. I've been a diablo 2 player for over 10 years now, played on battle.net all my life and have been searching for new ways to complete the games besides challenge runs with friends on battle.net.
    I have a interest in getting involved with these and must say you have become a great teacher through videos and tutorials

    thanks man, I'll be sure to drop by in a live stream soon and say whats up!

  6. Diablo has to be my favourite Blizzard series, I remember grabbing a copy of Warcraft 2 (which I think I still have!) and on it was the cinematic for Diablo and I thought "wow!". Two decades on since then and I'll still never forget that eerie feeling playing D1 in the dark. While I don't mind D3, it seems to me like it lost some of that dark feeling in place of action. D2 is amazing and after a friend recently got me on to SGDQ for the first time, I saw your speed run and now have subbed to your channel. Gonna have to dig up my copy of D2 so I can start playing it again. Thank you MrLlamaSC 🙂

  7. I was watching your assassin hell WR (Randomly came across it) and it made me buy D2 digitally (no idea where my cd's are anymore) so time to play through!

  8. hey llama do how come you have this extended treasure chest? i guess its some kind of a mod right?

  9. Hey MrLlama, can I crosspost these tutorials? I find there isn't much people doing speedrunning in my (Chinese) community. I would like to crosspost your tutorials (most likely be screenshots and translate) so there will be more people joining, and of course I'll keep your name there

  10. how to start streaming with my own time splits? how to set on splits like you? pls help!

  11. This is absolutely what I was looking for. Learning to speed run this game after your SGDQ17 performance. thanks for the tutorials!

  12. i wanna do speed runs and have windows seven
    dont have any of the programs downloaded lmk if its free to start speed runs

  13. hey mr llama. had a question. this might not apply to you since your do ladders, but do you know a way of having 2 installs of diablo 2 on your comp? i want to go back to when i played more often and play version 1.09 but i also want to have all my 1.14d characters able to play at anytime. although im thinking of reverting to 1.13 for pluggy but i play on windows 10

  14. Does anyone know how I can get livesplit to work with this game, with one monitor? The autosplit program on speedrun.com doesn't work for me.

  15. Hey, what should I do if i click button of starting split, but this button is inactive, so I need to alt-tab to start or I have to play in windowed Diablo II (it's too uncomfortable and I need to click on my desktop to make buttons of livesplit active anyway)

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