Diablo 2: The Book the Prime Evils fear  - the Tome of Lam Esen

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45 thoughts on “Diablo 2: The Book the Prime Evils fear — the Tome of Lam Esen

  1. If you don't do this quest, the NPCs have different lines when you are killing the Council Members and on your way to Mephisto.

    Also, the Black Book is ALWAYS at the Ruined Temple in Kurast Bazaar.

  2. Not gonna lie my dude, i stumbled upon your lore vids about a month or so ago, and it made me ITCH for diablo. I played through Diablo II again, and have played through Diablo III, bring on IV!

  3. Many of you have caught the odd moment of facebook! I actually minimize my game while filming at times to write something for the script.. the 'Book' slipped in there, just not the right one from lam essne. I edited it out and hopefully its not too clunky! Also, shameless plug, follow lore dash on Facebook to stay up to date with uploads: https://www.facebook.com/gameloredash

  4. I find it ironic that act 3 already brings thoughts and visions of old myan temples in south America and the lore of old lost religion really cements it. blizz was inspired by real life religious history for diablo

  5. The Zakarum faith and Skatsim religion actually fought against evil but still did not trust each other. The children of Zakarum over took the skatsimi's land and ended up being corrupted from the very evil they were suppose to guard against. If they had just work together. Kinda sad hearing different levels of tragedy like the Horadrim and this when you're suppose to believe that good triumphs over evil.

  6. I like how you’ve skipped the process of having to get all the way out there. Act III is long as fuck mostly from having to travel out to the locations.

  7. Hey, you forgot the last dialog. If you speak with Alkor twice, after delivering the book, he says: I have good news and bad news, Good news are the book speaks about the downfall of the prime evils, the bad news are our world ends in doom.

  8. 7:05 " I believe I can trust you now.

    When you first arrived, I suspected you a spy for the Zakarum, the false religion whose faithful are now under the sway of a mysterious power. They've made a mockery of the Old Religion of Skatsim."


  9. I took a shower, prepared coffee, and sat in front of my laptop, looking for something to watch while gaining energy from coffee. And that's when I saw you uploaded a new lore video. How ideal is that!?
    I've been watching your lore videos since late January when everything was cold here. Can't wait to watch Act IV when everything will get hotter here.
    Keep up the good work!

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