Diablo 2: The Source of Mephisto's Corruption & The Protective Blade of the Old Religion

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27 thoughts on “Diablo 2: The Source of Mephisto's Corruption & The Protective Blade of the Old Religion

  1. So what was the Old Religion? The Three have manipulated enough religions in their favour. Who says that in the very long run this is safe? Or are these the remnants of Inarius his power left in Sanctuary?

  2. Fucking love that you are doing this! Lunch has never tasted better, than it does while reminiscing over and old game, presented in the most brilliant way! Thanks!

  3. I hate kurast, got lost in that damn jungle dozens of times, the fetishes irritate the hell out of me with how small and fast and many they are lol but i always enjoy your videos!

  4. Just discovered your channel lately!Was a big hardcore player back in the day!you got me back into it…..i listen to you while playing!great job and i sense a dm in you…..if not you should!thanks for the content keep those vid coming

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