Diablo 2 - Uber Frenzy Barbarian Build

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The frenzy barbarian build that I used to farm torches on single player in Diablo 2 using the PlugY mod.

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25 thoughts on “Diablo 2 — Uber Frenzy Barbarian Build

  1. It's a bit of a long one but I wanted to include everything from the attributes, to the skill tree, include my gear and swap gear for ubers, as well as the entire organ farming and torch farming portion.
    Hope you guys enjoyed it!!! Is frenzy barb as good as a smiter for ubers? Probably not but its something different and fun!!! Don't forget, join the Diablo 2 community in my discord!!!

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  2. I have never seen this uber diablo mephisto and baal before. Could you do a video about how to get those portals and what youre doing? I used to play long long ago but have never seen this before. Or maybe you would be kind enough to explain it here? Either way, i would really appreciate it.

  3. Grief Pb, or Grief Zerker for smiter Paladin? Phase Blade(speed, less damage, less range). Zerker Axe (damage, more range, less speed) Have a 5os zerker axe, but no phase blade yet ._. Not worried about durability.

  4. The resounding downside remains. Frenzy, like zeal, hits multiple targets. That fact is GG in pvm except ubers. Smite is still unmatched for single target dmg.

    Edit. The only thing that comes close in single target dmg is the amazons CS… Which Is deadlier, but smite never misses. You know all this tho I'm sure. It's impressive that you made an uber frenzy baba that can take the heat.

    For thoes who don't know, he doesn't do enchant for the fire dmg so much as the bonus to attack rating. This build would never work with minions who also cast cold dmg curses and poison.

  5. Cool idea with that shout. Best option is to farm organs with barb (no conviction aura so u dont need treachery) and then switch to smiter for last portal. Dont really understand why u stack ow if u have prevent monster to heal.

  6. I build mine way differently. I use 1 hardpoint double swing synergized with 20 point bash, only use frenzy (lvl 9) to get my attack speed and movement speed going, and than it's double attacks at 5.5 frames per second (or, in other words, pretty much double the speed of Frenzy), it will also ensure life tap procs much more consistently. You can achieve 5 frames but 5.5 frames only requires 15% more ias on gear. I use dual superior ethereal death ettin axes, which due to their high damage 50% deadly strike and 50% crushing blow greatly outdamage any grief setup. I use Fortitude in Sacred armor and max Shout and Battle orders which when prebuffed gives high defense alongside the big health pool for about 10 minutes. I use G face (15% ias jewel) and upped Gore riders to achieve 80% ds and 100% crushing blow, add to that the 22% critical strike from axe mastery. I use Metal grid for a boost in attack rating and defense and resistances. One ravenfrost, other ring a wisp projector (or good rare with str life stats). Lastly the Draculs Grasp and either upped String of ears or Verdungo's.
    I choose to put the rest of my points into natural resist which if reaching lvl 99 will provide 70 resist.

  7. I mad a pally recently and went with the elemental melee stuff and god damn I one shot my friend on his warrior.

  8. I absolutely love this build. I do it myself, and he just plows through all the ubers like a hot knife through butter.

  9. 19:56 — I use fortitude for my armor, and two griefs, but you essentially have what I have.

    I also have Frenzy and its synergies maxed. Just totally obliterates the ubers. Only one that can kill me is Mephy.

  10. DB your a creative D2 player I love the Howl max for an Uber Barb that's really smart I'm actually going to copy you

  11. We still maxing out lower skills from the talent tree first or is that something from the past?

  12. I have dracul's and some the other pieces I can use for ubers, but definitely lacking on some runewords. Best runewords I've made in the game are Obedience, fortitude, and CtA. Got a Vex rune recently so guess I could make hoto if I wanted. I do have some high runes(2 sur, one ohm, that vex, a gul), but am missing some key ones like Ber and Lo. May try to follow MrLlama's super budget guide for the paladin and see if I can scrape that together first. Never have once done ubers since I have always played on singleplayer. Would be cool to get a torch. Randomly had uber Diablo spawn in the chaos sanctuary today so ended up getting a free Annihilus today(an upgrade to my current one!).

  13. I do agree about Dracs,and how Lifetap sometimes takes forever to go off.I have found myself saying "Jesus Christ,Finally!!!!" after a few close calls 😛

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