Diablo 2 Ultimate Bow Amazon Guide (Old)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKuQPCwQjWI&t=448s&ab_channel=DjuntasGaming New guide out, this time a bit closer to what Ultimate should be hopefully. Through Wind force is still great !

Hello, welcome to another improved guide for my Bow Amazon 🙂 Feel free to see my newere gameplay video for this build! NOTE: As I say in the video this is a soft-core max damage build, hench the lack of survival care.

The bow amazon breaks or wins with sertain very exspensive items. Especially the inventory is very costly to make it good.

And sorry about the break-up 😀 Free gear is so random inn Diablo2 now days hehe!


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40 thoughts on “Diablo 2 Ultimate Bow Amazon Guide (Old)

  1. Oh man I still love this game, yet that Blizzard announced a remake for D2 LOD, im really looking forward to play it again. I just fkcing loved my bowzon, doing Diaruns and PvP all the time. Too bad I have no access anymore to my D2jsp, forgot the password and e-mail. Q_Q

  2. Strafe+multipleshots bowazon with gmb Faith in hand. Merc using the Frost Aura Runeword. Definitely out-dps-es your build from all angles. Keep crowd control and makes out the best out of your strafing and multiple shots.

  3. Have you ever played with Wrath(PulLumBerMal) bow? The killing speed is inferior to Faith or Windforce. But… it is most fun to play due to Chance To Cast Level 1 Decrepify. 🙂 Try it!

  4. Online players have the benefit to trade and make some ladder items.I played 2 years ago i managed to get raven frost rings,vampire bone gloves,arrait helmet,almost all necessary items.This time no luck.Fed up and bored.The best armour i've found is duriel's shell from NM diablo.

  5. used to play this game 11 years ago.. had full inv of 3max/20/20, 08 gaze, shaftop, raven spiral, and other stuff. Wasnt many rune words back then.. also had a few invs full of high runes and 40/15 lol.. white items, hex runes.. oh fun times

  6. did what you said, i just see 2 bow amazon guides on your channel and both of them use windforce .. So what now? you still haven't answered my question how your multishot does 8k+ and mine is nowhere near that amount, with both faith/might auras and even the aura from pride runeword ..

  7. I'm using a GMb faith and I'm no where near your damage. I'm using might aura mercenary and my damage is 1.3k to 5.4k.im using fortitude cats eye GM faith laying of hands raven frost razor tail. What gear would you recommend?

  8. What’s the wind force damage with the merc faith on outside of town… ur other video shows the wind force damage and faith damage difference but never outside of town with the mercs faith on

  9. Dusk shroud is love 😀 you don't need heavy and expensive armor, this really does'nt matter, i found an archon plate with 424 def, and a Dusk shroud with 457 def so you can use the one you like more ;v

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