Diablo 3 2.6.9 Barbarian Build: Whirlrend Wraths of the Wastes GR 148+ (Season 21 Guide)

This Diablo 3 patch 2.6.9 season 21 Barbarian whirlwind rend build using the Wrath of the Wastes set can push GR148+ and is the best barbarian build in the game. Season 21 start date: July 3. Gameplay shown in video.

Build link: https://www.d3planner.com/326853369

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37 thoughts on “Diablo 3 2.6.9 Barbarian Build: Whirlrend Wraths of the Wastes GR 148+ (Season 21 Guide)

  1. Well I think an updated version of leapquake or leapslam will be better since it's our next season start set.
    And for high level pushing Wrenching Smash + BoM is a must-have for survival.

  2. Yeah you can't cast Wrath of the Beserker while WW'ing on console like you can on PC. It stops you twice as long as stopping to Rend. Just a heads up to console players.

  3. Ring of zodiac for this build, better to roll off attack speed as rend does the damage plus we get damage reduction for resource reduction from crimsons?

  4. I have played the crap out of dh and WD over many seasons, so don't want to play them, love gen monk but can't stand tempest builds, so I have no idea what to play this season😔

  5. Change the AS on the Zodiac ring to Reduce Resource in the d3planner build.
    AS is useless (you need 1.6 AS to be optimal, currently you got 1.83) and RR gives you damage reduction.
    Also change the regen health on the boots to Armor.

  6. I hate those weapons. You are way too slow while whirlwinding without bul kathos.

  7. This WW barb is wicked but I have too many WW barbs. I am thinking of building a Frenzy barb this season.

  8. Haven't play D3 in years, can't wait for S21, happy to know that my favorite build is the most op right now

  9. Rhykker, not that anyone watching this shouldn't know this already but Ring of Royal Grandeur also drops from Act 4 bounties.

  10. Instead of Ancient Spear, I go for Warcry for survivability and fury generator for the very first hit.

  11. I can’t see not using band of might for gr 125+ you just have to have high density and area damage does most of the work with manual rends and it too good and grouping. Just ancient spear only is really hard, but i see how this build has more dps

  12. Great video…Wrath of the Wastes is a killer set for Barbarian… did S20 whith the set and it looks very good for S21…

  13. Why not wear the crimson pants and boots, and the lamentation and cube the mantle of channeling? Wouldn't that have more damage?

  14. If you plan on reforging a FoT, do it on a Necro. You will not get Lightning or Fire Damage, but you will get Poison. You go from four to three elemental damage types.

  15. Leap for that extra generator. Get that extra armor too. Theres somethin wrong with my build, ive come to find out what. But needed to comment before i forgot.. leap. Hop over dem walls, hop over da staiirs, i hop over da cracks in da cemetery(liv pet huntin), leapers be jealous of my hops fr. Js.

  16. I hope D4 moves away from whirlwinds & leap smashes. Seems whirlwind is the ultimate melee skill in most ARPGs and I'm getting pretty bored looking at it

  17. Why does everyone run little rogue and slander on this whirlwind build it makes no sense too me I found two weapons legendary set that is much better then those two and I never lose fury. I run the bul Kathos oath solemn vow and warrior blood and they are mighty weapons two piece set

  18. Hey Rhykker, I've recently got into diablo 3 again and was curious if there's any sort of builds out there for a thorns crusader? I've gotten a few legendary flails that buff bombardment and its thorns rune. Thought it might be fun with the passives available to him. Great content as always, thanks

  19. Another video of rhykker that his highest Gr is only about 110 on his videos. Stop showing builds if you cant even go high GR yourself

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