Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls Critique

Hi there. Hopefully people still read descriptions on here!

I tried to go for a more informal style in this video. If you watched my Dark Souls Series, please let me know which method of presentation that you liked more. There were a few more jokes in this video and my intention was that they wouldn’t interrupt the flow of what I was saying and feel natural.

I also uploaded it all as one video instead of broken into parts like Dark Souls. Let me know if you liked this better, or would have preferred parts that you can use as breaks to come back later.

As I watched this back after uploading it, I noticed that I sound highly critical of Blizzard. They’re still one of my favorite developers even after the statements I made at the end of this video. Hopefully I’m wrong with my guesses, or that even if I’m right that the changes will be positive.

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34 thoughts on “Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls Critique

  1. Dude, YOU were the one at fault if you went into a diablo game looking for story, or worse, realism. You're banging your head against a wall for no reason. Screaming into the void. No one cares.

  2. Not too surprising then that virtually every YouTuber or streamer I've ever watched play this said the exact same things…fun to kill shit, but absolutely beyond hot garbage story-wise. My favorite YouTubers made fun of it as part of the bit and that was more entertaining.

  3. "Gat dang vidya games" — Hank Rutherford Hill EDIT: G reetings…(greetings) greetings….(GREETINGS….) STAY A WHILE LISTEN! dun dun DUUUUUUNNNNNNNN EDIT: LEAH YOU BIIIIIIITCH!!! EDIT: Nevermind Leah is bangin' EDIT: NEPHALEM

  4. The tone and atmosphere of Diablo 1 and 2 were much bleaker in all fairness, your character said certain lines unique to them after certain quests, yet none of them were as smug as 3's responses, also the Major demons didn't go "muhahaha, you cannot defeat me, im gonna tell you my plan etc"

  5. … I don't get your complaint about the term "ludonarrative dissonance". By that logic we shouldn't say "apple", but rather "sweet fruit with hard yellowish-beige flesh and a thin skin that varies in color between green, yellow and red, has a round shape, a stem at the top, and a core with small seeds inside situated in the middle of the fruit". Just… why? It's such a nonsensical thing to say. What, because it sounds… uhm, too smart or too "nerdy", or…? Isn't that a bit childish? xP

  6. Pro tip for Diablo 3: uninstall. Then install Diablo 2 and the Median XL mod. Congratulations you are now playing something that is not just Diablo 2 but better than anything else in this universe.

  7. They copied WoW with 60 lvl cap and all items were reduced to stats. No mods or skills at all, i remember someone selling a dagger that had few more dex and dps than mine going for $1000 on real auction house. Every thing since has been a cheap way of getting people to keep playing. Paragon, rifts, new items all show how shitty d3 is. Play PoE instead

  8. Looking to get into more arpg after playing path of exile. Wanted to see why everyone hated diablo 3 before i shelled cash. Let me just say your lil wayne comment slayed me

  9. Wow. Watched a nearly hour and a half long video from 5 years ago about a game I'll never play from a company that has fallen from grace by a youtuber I've never heard of at 6 in the morning. Wtf is wrong with me.

    Good video though.

  10. Reaper was okay value for money. It gave you an endless loot grind to chase VS the base game which is like ok you done now bye.
    But for real talk?
    Look at the fucking Necromancer pack for diablo 3. THAT is shit value. You get even less — MUCH LESS- . Fluff around the main and one draw — a purposefully overpowered class. It's disgusting.

  11. As a DM who runs a campaign of 6 or more people every week, I highly disagree with the comment around 32:45 about "the plague that writers face when adding a story to their campaign." Sure it can be difficult, but if you're not afraid to be a little cliche and trust in your own story telling, adding a small story to an overarching campaign can be quite easy

  12. holy shit. decard dies of sadness or some shit. phaha. i'm crying of laughter.
    Jesus man, ur vids are great! been binge watching u for few hours now.

  13. I still remember the "big brain" moments I had when I realised Wizard's Teleport and Monk's Dash (which describes itself as teleporting) can move you through walls, and later when I realised the Jailer trapping ability is functionally creating walls around you and can be teleported out of. Unfortunately they can't teleport out of frozen, but the Witch Doctor can Spirit Walk away from it, which is cool.

  14. All of these are valid critiques but all I remember is being 8 and playing this with my dad while choosing wizard for every playthrough because I thought the death ray was cool

  15. Ever played Sacred, Joe? It is quite old now and still used a mix of 3D with 2D Background and Props. It's roughly along the lines of games like Diablo so it is Hack and Slay, though no way near as flashy as Diablo III.

    However (as I remember it)
    — it has an actual story
    — the characters you play have their own story, sometimes linked to another character you could have played instead
    — the world contains much more care and detail
    — it is kind of open worldy with lots of optional exploration
    — while the spells and stuff cannot be modified as in Diablo III (they can in Sacred 2), the game has additional character customization options that add depth

    I don't know if the English translation is good however, the game is originally in German.

    The game also has patches made later by the community.

  16. the story is shit and the gameplay consists of pressing a few different buttons, watch fancy effects and run mindlessly through every level. million dollar game loved all over the world right here…

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