Diablo 3 Group Leveling 1 to 70 in 48 Minutes

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21 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Group Leveling 1 to 70 in 48 Minutes

  1. great content Rax!
    As a side note ive noticed here and in the solo dh speedlevel that i dont really think you are spending the amount of yellows that you are supposed to be spending. if a 70 weapon cost 15, a stat reroll is 3, upgrading weapon is 50 etc etc, you have passed way beyond the 125 yellows that come in the cache. so im confused, does the cache drop more yellows than before?

  2. Confused, you tell your friend you upgrade a crossbow for 70 on DH but in your video you did the 2H bow on the WD? Which is better?

  3. Do a 4 man xp Meta leveling video so "3 DH, 1 Barb" just for us who dont want to start necro and boost Our DH after 🙂 and so we know the best way to level with what we got

  4. What do the DH do if you get impale legendary? I was having problems clearing small trash solo. Switch to chakrams? hungering arrow wasn't good at area dmg.

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