Diablo 3 - How To Get & Use Kanai's Cube

In this video I go over how to get and use kanai’s cube in diablo 3






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26 thoughts on “Diablo 3 — How To Get & Use Kanai's Cube

  1. Anyone know why I dont have access to the ruins of secheron waypoint? The area in my world map is just Brown with no details indicating that I can travel there

  2. what a bunch of horse shit lol. spent forever just searching the ruins because that's what the gd npc says….sigh. what's even more sad is i actually went into the elder sanctum out of curiosity and literally cleared about every inch of the map EXCEPT the little room to the north where the actual cube is, lolol. wanted to slap myself in the face so hard after watching this vid…thanks!

  3. Why i dont have kanai cube i kill diablo when i play there are no kanai cube please help me:( oh my level is 63 too ok (sorry for bad english)

  4. Thanks for the video. I'm a returning player from like 6 years ago. I appreciate it. Most people online are scornful of questions.

  5. This guy is the best. He doesn't give a shit about answering literally any of the questions from his viewers in the comment section. Real MVP. Congrats man, best way to show respect to those who actually give a shit about watching your useless videos.

  6. the extract legendary power doesnt work for me ? i tried it with several legendaries and transmute always fails, even if i have way more mats then needed , what am i missing, watching the video didnt help with my case. i did everything he said in the video

  7. Just bought D3 for XB1 a few weeks ago, played on 360 for a good while and I gotta say this is a great guide, thanky for explaining more than the game did 👍

  8. Does your throat hurt. If that is your normal voice and way of speaking dont bother being a streamer. First you speak to fast. This is not the middle of the tournament or raid. Your sentence are mostly incomplete like your not sure what your saying. And your voice sound like you have a cold. I hope i helped

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