Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Dev Playtest with Andrew Chambers (Crusader, Crafting & Infernal Machines)

Discussing Crusader, Crafting and Infernal Machines in Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls with Lead Developer Andrew Chambers! 1 hour of hands on RoS while directly talking to one of the developers, this was pretty awesome!

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More Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Beta Coverage: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4aZrsY9M5qC4z9kB2ukie56HrdZjNUfa

Diablo III is a loot-based action-RPG from Blizzard Entertainment on the PC, PS3 & Xbox 360. Reaper of Souls is it’s first expansions pack. You can purchase & find more info on the game here: us.battle.net/d3/

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36 thoughts on “Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Dev Playtest with Andrew Chambers (Crusader, Crafting & Infernal Machines)

  1. If math is needed to balance a two-hander + shield, then maybe, while attacking, you get -x penalty to block, and when out of combat, you get a debuff that adds an extra .5 — 1 second delay to your first attack.
    Basically moving strength from the shield to the attack. I think it's a bit more interesting than a pure -x attack speed, without being completely non-affecting.

  2. Just the typical hype train from bliz here. If they really want to show us its a good game then open the beta.

  3. Just got back from work (living in Sydney)…   hm… very excited to watch this… Thanks a lot~~

  4. This guy really likes "like" ^^
    Diablo 3 and RoS are still not hooking me, but I love your videos about it.

  5. Qelric always reminds me of a grown up version of the little girl that sells items in act 2.

  6. I do not want to say somthing bad about the game i've played more then 5k hr on d3 but! killing the barb just about killed the game for me I did not play the barb to kill stuff slow and be bord I played him to have fun and move fast and feel like a god now I do not know what the hell is going on I got on the ptr and no bs I want to sleep my girl firend seen me and tuke a pic of me sleeping playing d3 she was like omg that is a first lol what!!

  7. that Crusader is gonna eat a nerf bomb when RoS sales go down. It is so OP and broken that it is obvious it serves for marketing purposes.

  8. Please make crafting recipes that several require very rare leg mats, so they are like extremely rare runewords almost. That would be a fun endgame crafting system.

  9. thats happens on team speak if some1 lagging, hate this…

    thats why i'm prefer Ventrillo 🙂

  10. God this game was such a failure, and no update/expansion will remove that bad taste from our mouths. Blizzard basically gave a huge middle finger to all those who were die-hard d2 fans.

  11. I'm sorry but all I can think through half of this is, WHY IS HE AVOIDING THE PURPLE BEAMS HE HAS THE NECK THAT HEALS HIM FOR STANDING IN THEM NOW!?!. Sorry >.>

  12. At around 31:41 or so when Andrew starts talking about how he was 'ridiculously proud' of Vanilla Diablo III and that he thought they had 'knocked it out of the park'…ok. I know after that he said that the community said that there were things that could be improved upon, but…just…that right there was the poster boy comment for the 'Picard WTF is this Shit?!' pic as well as the 'Picard Double Facepalm' pic.I was nearly bursting into tears from laughing so hard at that and how he genuinely believed what he was saying.

    Now, I totally get that when you're part of a team like that and you make a big game you feel that way. Nothing wrong with that, but at that point it was like he went into total…I don't even know how to describe it honestly. The dev team as a whole did anything but 'knock it out of the park' with the D3V launch and the sheer amount of changes needing to be made speak volumes. Please understand, I don't want Diablo III to fail by any means, I would want it to succeed, but that comment just…wow…I have no other words.

  13. "Cold feels kinda necro-y'' Not the D2 one. So it's interesting to hear that in the vision of the D3 devs a possible Necro might be cold-based. It's also interesting that after he mentioned it, he had to go, haha.

  14. ok here is an off question i am not sure anyone asked, but if you have a team of 4 and each person goes to do a different bounty in the different maps in the same act does it count as each person getting the reward?

  15. hey I pre-ordered Diablo 3 reaper of souls and I don't know if its out yet because I cant play it so I don't know what to do so if you can, can you try to help me?

  16. Andrew sounds like he has no clue what he is doing when it comes to ARPG game design and why we play them.

  17. Haha lol ziggy i remember playing with you and admiring your super high paragon before patch 2.0 🙂

  18. Will they ever add encganting, market place, and the wizard black whole skills to the console version?

  19. Seems like everyone that talks to the devs are just sucking their dicks and not asking the real questions. Nobody has addressed the fact that there is absolutely no level of competitiveness in ROS. Everything that is not casual related is "We might look into it later" so far im disapointed.

  20. Really nice interview!
    A few things i don't agree thou:

    The dev claims that they nerfed the thorns build because it's not the core of the crusader, then why does it have a passive that only gives thorns damage?
    He also said it was complicated how the thorns were built in the class, so he wanted so simplify it. Why does everything has to be simple?
    And finally he claims the steed skill is mandatory, which it is, and why is that? Aren't mandatory skills against the original vision for the game? Where are the "infinite build possibilities" that Bashiok used to brag about when you have mandatory skills on the bar?

    Other than this i really loved this interview, hype for Crusader! thanks ZiggyD!

  21. My major complaint about the Ubers is getting the keys, dropping the % at which they drop is frustrating.  Especially Act2 keywarden, I spent 2 hours yesterday in T4 and only got 2 keys.  Such sad!

  22. i think something they could add to adventure mode would be to recreate boss fights from Diablo 2 and 1 in Diablo 3 graphics, so one week or month it opens the fight with Baal in the world stone keep from the beginning where he summons the waves of monsters and then you fight him and each month or week they would release a new fight with a new boss or being able to do an old quest like the den or evil or fighting blood raven or somthing

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