Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Expansion Pack Release Date 25th March 2014 + Pricing Details

The Diablo III: Reaper of Souls expansion pack release date has finally been announced along with a bunch of info on pricing and what will be included in the Digital Deluxe edition and in the physical collectors edition.


Note that pre-ordering wont get you access to the beta. At least not for now.

Pricing Tiers:
— Base Expansion — $40USD | 40 Euro | $54.95 AUD
— Digital Deluxe — $60 USD | 60 Euro | $74.95 AUD
— Collectors Edition — $80 USD | 80 Euro | $94.95 AUD

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Beta Coverage: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4aZrsY9M5qC4z9kB2ukie56HrdZjNUfa

Diablo III is a loot-based action-RPG from Blizzard Entertainment on the PC, PS3 & Xbox 360. Reaper of Souls is it’s first expansions pack. You can purchase & find more info on the game here: us.battle.net/d3/

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36 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Expansion Pack Release Date 25th March 2014 + Pricing Details

  1. Please don't state stuff that is not true. Euro and Dollar price is not the same except for numbers. 1€ ~ 1.36$. This results in the EU price being ~ 54,57$ for the standard and ~ 81,86$ for Digital Deluxe Edt.

  2. 50 bucks in Australia for reaper of souls…. A tad bit overpriced I could buy a brand new game for that much, plus all the new features should of been in the vanilla in an update. I blame Activision

  3. People will complain about the price-differences in the different regions. Yes, it is unfair, but there's nothing Blizzard will do about it. It's the taxes and laws in the different countries in Europe. When Halo 4 was released, the max level was 70. In order to get to level 130, you had to get a special code from 343-industries. Guess what.. only the Americans got it, even though the Europeans payed more for their game.. Prices will always be unfair.

  4. from that i say from the game looks great i like it i hope they will make it better that vanilla AH  will be closed and no one willl sell their BiS items that they find, nephalems trial will be something good

  5. That price for features that should have been there from the start?  No thanks.  This is Blizzard taking more of your money, and it's sad to see so many people are willing to blindly give it away. 🙁  The expansion doesn't even look good, either.

  6. If it's $40 US then it should be £24.50 for the UK. However, Blizzard decided exchange rates mean nothing and it's actually £33 UK.

  7. Hah, 40£ for an expansion. I would have considered buying it if it was priced more reasonably, but the release date is right after Dark Souls II launch, which I already pre-ordered collector's edition of months ago.

  8. how can they rationalise these prices when marvel heroes and poe are releasing more content then ros on a monthly basis for free.

  9. $40 U.S. is normal for all blizzard new release 1st expansions. The amount of content added by the expansion doesn't seem like the same amount of content for their previous game expansions. Most of RoS should have been patched in, I agree. The Mystic, Adventure Mode, and Difficulty settings (adventure mode is half the expansion content that will be played) should be D3v patches. New legendaries, Crusader class, and Act V are actual expansion content, which are not a full expansion if you compare it to D2 LoD (had two classes instead of one). Blizzard needs to pay their staff and investors(<=the investors are the reason the expac is higher) though. This game has required a lot of internal and external balancing. It's a lot more advanced than the F2Ps. The only things unique about PoE is it's currency system (which is more diverse than just gold it also interacts with your gear) it's skill system (which are drops and quest rewards), it's "ladder" system with special runs, and it's hipster skill tree (which, in late game, most of it is garbage buffs if you want a character to survive because you have to have certain stats anyway, hardcore players figure it out, most of the rest of the player base cookie cutter builds or they're wasting there time) (it's also dependent on your gear what core stats you need) (might as well be pre planned skill trees for their class that can slightly diverge). The actual game play is very similar to D2, the story isn't interresting at all, and the engine is more outdated than D3's, so it isn't worth paying for as a full price game anyway (i.o.w. should be F2P or $10 at most, but it's F2P)

  10. not going to pay 40 dollars to play a "fix" for a broken game.  what a bunch of bullshit. 

  11. How long has PvP been overdue on this game? How long have they been stringing people along with that feature?

  12. Im from Eu, and to be honest im really pissed that our copy cost alot more than the US copy. Im getting pretty sick that they screw over EU players, also happend with vanilla diablo and starcraft.

  13. I'd rather pay for another Conquerer Pack for PoE than spending a euro on more Blizzard stuff, at least I know my money will go to good use, while this won't be the case for blizzard as they keep messing up. In an ARPG I want to have long term gameplay, as in tons of builds to play with, more options than my brain can handle. 1 brain cell can handle D3 so that burns me out very fast. GGG has the APRG heart at the right place, Blizzard hasn't. The only thing in D3 that is superior to PoE is the graphics, but the only reason for that is there are more Blizzard employees than people in my village, while my street probably has more people living in than people that are on the GGG list. 
    I might enjoy one run through in RoS but I'm pretty sure I'd be done with it after that because there is nothing to do and that's not worth my 40 euro, seriously. As long people keep spending that money Blizzard will keep producing brainless crap, I don't want to support that.

  14. I can't bring myself to give blizzard anymore money after they demolished Diablo.  Path of exile and the upcoming grim dawn is all I need.

  15. 40 euro is far too expansive for a new act and a class. The end game mechanics introduced should have been in vanilla d3 imo. So not a good deal for me compared to POE.

  16. 1.The difference between US and EU is the taxes. If in the 40 dollars you have the US taxes, then in the 40 euros you have the EU taxes. Basic logic. The same may go for the Australian price.

    2. Pets in D3? Besides the Murloket pet, you can consider skill based pets as they are, pets. But yeah, Diablo is not about Pets. Drop it!

    3. You forgot to mention that in the Deluxe Edition you get 3 more character slots, which are non-existent in the Standard One. Epic omission if you ask me.

  17. Holy fk $40 for an expansion of a game?  Blizzard stop acting like you didn't make enough money off the real money auction house as is you damn cheapskates. 

  18. ladder is back in RoS and it'll be a new lad every 6 months 🙂 that means, you will have to pay every 6 months in order to play the new ladder. good luck !!!

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