Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: How to Increase Toughness? Intermediate Guide

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls guide on the best items, gear, and equipment to increase your toughness.
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Beginner gearing guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKYR3H-wE98

Intermediate offense gearing guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TYqZ2kU2Cc

Intermediate toughness gearing guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJTnfAd6oV4

Intermediate gearing guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db9DE0Uqvas

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27 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls: How to Increase Toughness? Intermediate Guide

  1. You really nail the basics for a lot of people. Good job man, I know a lot of people will benefit from this. 

  2.  I'd say its better to get 5 x 220 (280 even better) than all resist due to the diminishing return in the all resist. Wizz and WD get AR with intelligence, and melee characters with the -30% dmg dont need that much AR. (DH should try to avoid all dmg so still, better get dex).
    With paragon lvls and getting AR in the places you should, I dont see the point of "wasting" sockets with diamonds.
    Anyway, It's just my opinion. Nice vids you have here, keep it up.

  3. don't armor and all resist do the same job? as in they both reduce damage from all sources

  4. Nice vid mate.  I think you should have clarified that MS maxed out at 25%.  So if you have (for example) a +11% MS in boots and +11% in pants then using Paragon points you only need to add 3% to MS to get to the 25% max. (otherwise it will be wasted).  Cheers 🙂

  5. Hey Rhykker, here's to another very clever, insightful piece of RoS wisdom in a video! One more time — you should be a game designer (but maybe you are already…)
    If I may suggest something, is that the realization is way behind the value of the message you're delivering here — as in you could have a much better presentation for your content. Few ideas:
    — for every piece of gear you speak about you can have the icon scaling up and bullets for the main ideas you flesh out (like powerpoint prez?): desirable affixes for different classes (you even know what are the most played classes so you can pick what it would be relevant for a wide audience)
    — you can always display examples of gear you would see it fulfills your recommendations and for each class (you have time, you speak about things at length) and people love to contemplate item cards as all we do in this game is to farm those…
    — edit the speech better maybe ? it's a bit rough sometimes

    What I'm trying to say is that this is a video that should have at least 100k views, as a whole lot of Diablo players will see a lot of relevance in this theory. It's just a matter of polish and how the content is delivered (accessibility).

    Please take this just as a friendly suggestion, nothing more…

  6. I don't understand the lower HP being better.  I only play Hardcore, and having that health buffer is pretty important.  If I am healing 1000 per hit it shouldn't matter if i have 1000 hp 10,000 hp or 1 mill hp.  I am still healing the same right?  I would have a bigger buffer to not die / healing potion gains.  Or is there some kind of scaling with HP that lowers my healing or increases mob damage?  If someone knows… let me know.

  7. Very nice video. Great overview that really helped me understand what to look for. I do have one question about socketing on the main armor/legs. If you have an int based character, is it still worth it to put in diamonds over +int? I understand that diamonds will give a much higher % boost to your resists, but since you are an intelligence character, does that resist all boost help that much in higher levels of play? I am just wondering if your resists will be so high from all of your intelligence that maybe there is something more worthwhile. Thank you!

  8. Your videos are extremely helpful.  I had to subscribe off the strength of the Beginner and Intermediate Gear guides.  I never thought about the different armor slots accounting for different aspects of your character.  I've always tried to have each piece have a balance of offense and defense.  This new strategy you've shared is going to take my guys to the next level. 


  9. well, always been a big fan of your videos, just check this one out, and realize how wrong I''ve played diablo all this time, by farming a lot after seeing this, change my gear, I managed to doubled the DPS that I used to have.

    keep posting dude ! 

  10. So if people like you weren't around how on earth does Blizzard expect an average player to figure this shit out?

  11. is these guide series is suitable for Grift pushing? I will have a lack of survivability for Grifts, won't I?

  12. Hi, u said that the smaller is my health pool my healing will be better and i get that, but as far as i know monster damage doesn't care if i have 400k or 10kk of life, the damage does not change based on my health, it does based on the the difficulty, my resist and my armor. So a faster healing on a small health pool does not sound better than the same amount of healing on a bigger health pool right? (this concerns about %life or +armor, after u got Main Stat, All Resist, Vit).

  13. @Rhykker I know this video is a year old but i'm really curious as to why you dont even mention Life on Hit or Life on Kill. Those 2 stats make up a HUGE part of my build right now in torment difficulty and for the most part always ensure I remain at +90%-95% HP. Do you find with this defensive gear set up they are not required?

  14. Have things changed? I'm a bit confused: you seem to say that if I can put a defensive stat in chest or pants instead of an offensive one I should, but then why do you put main stat gems instead of allres in the sockets instead?

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