Diablo III: Reaper of Souls New Area The Ruins of Sescheron

We explore the new area The Ruins of Sescheron where Baal invaded in Diablo II on the Public Test Realms of Diablo III Reaper of Souls.


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36 thoughts on “Diablo III: Reaper of Souls New Area The Ruins of Sescheron

  1. people still play this shit ?! Bring all the Diablo 2 content , in the end, Diablo 3 is Diablo 2 world with WoW bullshit.    PoE > Diablo 3

  2. yeah new location and much more…. but you have to wait 7-20 hrs for log in PTR server

  3. I'd like 2 comment how cool this is, but I'm pretty sure someone might go batshit crazy if I do…

  4. Hey guys, I always found these type of comments annoying but I'm a new youtuber and I just made my first video of me doing the 4th of July challenge for mortal kombat. It would mean a lot if you guys checked out my channel and vid. Thanks

  5. Those paragon level are the proof of the commitment these guy put into this game. Hell they even pass between an in-geom without taking it.

  6. while lost ark will probley be a better game. 1, its in closed beta now so the game will generally not playable in korea for at least a year. 2. it will be at least 3 years if we ever get it in the west. And as for torments they are adding up to torment 10

  7. The game still lacks the depth the originals had. Until they start adding those more advanced customization systems in, like D2's rune-words, I won't be coming back to this game.

  8. Yep, pc only, damn I play Diablo III on the PS3. Need to wait until the price comes down, but does anybody know of they will eventually make a battle chest, like they did with Diablo II?

  9. is this game alive? lol alive as Wii u is? or the lord of the rings Mobas called " heroes of middle earth or something."

  10. only people with no life still play this. bragging high paragon lvl. i mean, i like d3 too, so far i have played 3 different classes, but its not like this is the only good game in the world. what r they trying to prove? that they have no life? move on.

  11. i haven't played in SO long..the problem is once you finish the campaign twice there's nothing to do..yeah there's bounties, but they get boring after a few hours..and after you get a single character to lvl 70 even levelling up isn't fun, paragon isn't really worth it unless you really love grinding and nephalem rifts are fun the first couple of times..you can make up challenges like trying out different bosses and classes and killing Malthael on hard mode (since he's the only real challenge in the game)
    after i lost initial interest i put in an additional 10 hours total trying to get to the greed vault, but it was impossible and i just lost interest
    it WAS a good game, and i had a lot more fun than the money i paid, but that's about it..very little replayability..when this area comes out, i'll start again, run it a few times and then probably stop…the problem is this game does not get regular content..i wouldn't mind paying a monthly fee for new classes and levels and quests every now and then, it would at least be incentive to keep going..currently only those who REALLY love grinding or who play multiplayer are still playing..

  12. games will have to update, constant patches, upgrades and add new content regularly if they really want to survive in the market now-a-days.

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