Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

Steve Michel and his henchmen hijack a valuable shipment of furs, but botch the job by killing a night watchman. Police detective Dick Tracy is brought in to investigate the fur thefts connected with murder with the assistance of his partner Pat Patton as well as the flamboyant Vitamin Flintheart and «Sightless». This leads him to look into possible higher-ups who may have ordered the robbery. Tracy soon learns that the person behind it all is Steve Michel, a hook-wielding criminal who calls himself «The Claw.» Before Tracy can unravel the bigger picture and the larger forces at work, the Claw dispatches more victims in a gruesome manner. Finally, when Tracy shows up to arrest him, the two engage in a high-speed chase. While on the run, the Claw electrocutes himself by plunging his hook into electrical wires while trying to kill Tracy.

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3 thoughts on “Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

  1. This was a cool Dick Tracy. An interesting way to rob a bank and Boris Karloff.

  2. This was a cool Dick Tracy. An interesting way to rob a bank & Boris Karloff.

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