Did they REMOVE NADINA?! ft. Admirable | Zalae Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Not a Nadina in sight…sighhhhh
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14 thoughts on “Did they REMOVE NADINA?! ft. Admirable | Zalae Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. The reason why you don't waste 2 gold on buying is so that you can roll twice and dodge trash minions

  2. I don't think nadina vs battlecry is that hard to calculate.

    find % chance of finding Nadina per tavern refresh.
    Avg played battlecries per turn.

    Example numbers:
    If Nadina is 2% find in any tavern, you need 50 rolls to expect one. You get 11 rolls per turn (start + 10 gold). So 4.5 turns.
    4.5 turns * avg battlecries = number of battlecries you give up for 1 Nadina.
    Missed battlecries * number of dragons = missed stats

    The number is a constant per dragon, so you don't need to recalculate it, just see if you're willing to give up x stats for divine shields.

  3. Any email that isn't directly important to my life is annoying as fuck, please don't send sub emails

  4. why he stopped digging and buffing is beyond me, and i called that when he bought but then didnt buff when he fought the ghost. i get looking for Nadina but that was clearly not the play, regardless of this outcome.

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