DISGUISED TOAST VS TRUMP in BATTLEGROUNDS! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | HS Auto Battler

In this episode, Disguised toast And Trumpsc battle it out in an intense game of Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Who will take the victory?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DisguisedToast
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/DisguisedToast
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/DisguisedToast
Website: https://disguisedtoast.com/

edited by: https://twitter.com/frosturne


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44 thoughts on “DISGUISED TOAST VS TRUMP in BATTLEGROUNDS! | Hearthstone Battlegrounds | HS Auto Battler

  1. Haven't watched Toast in a while, when did he get so salty? Where's that wholesome toast I remember?

  2. "DiD yOu StReAm SnIpE mE?" Already has trump's stream running in background…….

    Whatever you need to tell yourself slugger

  3. @18:45 Imagine selling a Murloc instead of Maexna and loosing out on a ton of additional stats and a divine shield on a poison unit.

  4. Nefarian is a Dragon right?
    And the Ability is called "Nefarian Fire" right?
    Why the fuck is it a smoking Barrel?

  5. "Token doesnt triple" I love twitch chat, just saying incorrect things with absolute certainty.

  6. Poor Trump, had a flawed plan.
    Toast obviously had some good insights and experience even this early on, but man, this was impossible to listen to without constant wincing. So many forced mannerisms and exasperations.

  7. You deserved to lose this with how slow you play honestly. Wasting 5 gold because you spend 20 seconds deciding where to put +2/+2 from a rockpool.

  8. Really good edits cutting between streams. Every time i wanted to see trump, it switched to him. Its like you read my mind.

  9. I enjoy watching you play as the Hearthstone dev,s do not allow me to play their game I had tried creating an account to climb one hero to 500 wins and right arround 495 wins my account was deleted from the game, the same exact thing happened the other 2 attempts so I quit trying. It appears that once you begin building a fair arsenal of legendary's to rank decent on the ladder they will eject your account if you have spent no money on the account. Well designed game and fun to play however the dev,s are misleading in calling their game free to play as I can guarantee you your account gets deleted if you do not give them money.

  10. I played afk demons and I won, I had a 40/40 and a 20/20 and more my board was massive and I got an early malganis so I still had 21 health

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