DIVINE DRAGONS UNBEATABLE? - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — The ultimate Dragon build. Requires you to get pretty lucky to make it to Tavern 6.
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44 thoughts on “DIVINE DRAGONS UNBEATABLE? — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I had a red welp build that blasted through that murloc build. The red welps did 6 damage to four random minions at the start of combat, usually taking care of any poisonous murlocs.

  2. I think you value spawn too much in the late game. When you had the two dragons buffing themselves it would've been +1/+1 each turn had you sold the spawn instead of your dragon, ultimately overpowering the +2/+2 your board gets each game (assuming the spawn attacks first and dies)

  3. Golden lightfang with reno is reaaaal goood. Got me a few first places, menagerie got stronger with the drangons dude.

  4. I have a new T5 minion they should add. Drakkari Enchanter. It’s the Brann/Baron of EoT effects (Razorgore, Scalebane, Lightfang, etc…)

  5. Kripp with this card you need to have at least 6 dragons…you can only get a maximum of 6 dragons bro.

  6. It sucks everytime I see or play murlocs they don't have divine or poison and just die.

    Hoping Mackerel sees more play or Dragons will have just replaced Demons.

  7. I am not a twitch watcher, but I hopped on the stream when the expansion came out to see how dragons played. I watched this run live and have been happily running a lot of dragon builds since. I like them because they are fun and interesting. Murlocs are frustrating and mechs and demons are just meh.

  8. "You really wanna have at least six."

    How… how would you have more if one of your seven slots is filled by a not-Dragon?

  9. 17:40 Literally the best card he could have gotten > "Uh yeah, allright, I guess I'll go for that"

  10. Divine shield to all is bullshit. Divine shield should be available only to mech build and late murloc. Shouldt builds have some unique features? Why not make dragoms without divine shields, but instead make something that only dragons have.

  11. Had to roll my eyes the moment the video started and he picked rafaam. Yeah that could have something to do with why it worked out so well.

  12. I wonder if there's a way to send a message to Kripp, that neutral =/= typeless. Neutral = does not belong to any class. Tirion's hero power buffs typeless minions, not necessarily neutral.

  13. Cant stop laughing at that hey guys Kripparrian here with that nerdy flex, i giggle while getting goosebumps thinking how geeky am gettin

  14. I'm having a hard time finding up to date info on battlegrounds. Can you do a video outlining current top builds?

  15. I dislike watching you live because I’m always double guessing if I’ve seen the episode before and it causes me to spend the whole time wondering.

  16. There's a dragon I think that when a minion loses divine shield, the dragon gains +2/+2, which is amazing when running divine dragon, pair that up with Razorgore(?) and you've basically won

  17. First, watch this tutorial before playing dragons! Tutorial + Picking the right hero + (picking some strong minions to survive the first rounds) + Leveling up fast + (a bit of luck on the rolls) = the way to win BIG and reliable with dragons.

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