Do It Yourself Murlocs! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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13 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Murlocs! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. What was that placement for the opponent side on the final round . Like it just didn’t make any sense what he was even trying to do

  2. Amaz and his 14/14 bagurgle: "OMG that is HUGE"
    Kripp with his full board of 100/100 poisonous divine shield taunt windfury deathrattle(summon 6 plants) murlocs: "Fine. I'll take it."

  3. @Amaz, no matter which tribe is "best" people always complain. First of all, murlocs do not always win. Second, whichever tribe is "strongest" next will still cause complaints. Third, maybe not bitting the hand that made you (Hearthstone) and set a better example to your viewers.

  4. I will never understand why people skip over toxfin when playing murlocs. You mean you'd rather have +1/+1 on 5 or 6 minions over having INFINITE ATTACK on one? Because that's what your essentially passing on, infinite attack.

  5. if u remove murloc from the game, the game will become alot shorter couse the only late game strat in menagarie and beast and if u know your not gonna get there couse 5 other players play it u just go for 4 place

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