Do Ya Like Highlander Priest Zalae? | Firebat Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

Course he does!
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Outro Song: Biggie by Albis


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27 thoughts on “Do Ya Like Highlander Priest Zalae? | Firebat Hearthstone | Ashes of Outland

  1. Love the deck building segment at the beginning!!! Would love to see more of that in the future

  2. I’ve been watching Firebat for years on YouTube, but had never ever watched his stream. I tuned in for 15 minutes on Friday night. It was this game.

  3. the priest decks this expansion have been really exciting to play for me, DESPITE feeling like the class was crippled by a complete disembowelment of its draw cards, face damaging spells and minions, and much of the utility of the previous Year of the Raven cards.
    I think the match-up that has surprised me the most as a favorable is the steal/galakrond priest vs. Embiggen Druid. Soul Mirror, renews into Shadow Word: Ruin, and thought-stealing out their big cards/playing their ramp before they can and capitalizing on cards like Aeon Reaver and the gala battlecry to swallow some of the untargetable minions has left me undefeated against druids. (and, when i've delved into embiggen druid myself, any gala priest i've faced has schooled me to the same chorus)

  4. 0:35
    "You don't want to play Reliquary of souls."
    Why not?
    Cause it sucks.
    *actual thought*Cause I don't want to craft it. XD

  5. Anyone else notice that Firebat always seems to have stronger opinions on plays and deck inclusions when Grandmasters is in season?

  6. I play regular Galakrond priest and don't struggle with rogue warrior demon Hunter or Hunter I'm stuck on diamond 1 because of druid and the mirror being all about who has Galakrond longer most of the time I always out heal the Hunter damage and vs warrior it's super easy to just run them out of stuff and play to fatigue since they draw so many cards just save your removals and stay above like 15. Demon Hunter is also not as bad as long as u don't draw a hand full of dead cards to start the game like a hand of Nova's and breaths and like shield of Galakrond

  7. "It was pre poured cat food — Like I guess I stumbled in to the bowl of cat food one the counter and somehow decided to pour milk in and eat the cereal — I pondered if I was eating cat food — Decided I was too high for figuring out this shit"

  8. Havent looked at hearthstone in years, holy crap some of these changes.

  9. I've moved on to Runeterra and unsubbed from most HS tubers, but Firebat is the one I just can't unsub from. He's just too enjoyable.

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