Built up anger about women not being included in Hearthstone, let’s hope it changes a little in the future.

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  1. YES! Slysssa, Sun and Nich should have been invited to this for sure! Blizzard plz! >:(

  2. lets face it, they have to invite the most popular streamers because they need to maximize viewership since its 200k on the line, some of these streamers as weak as shit in bg, its not a surprise

  3. So sad this keeps happening. I remember hearing Pathra talking about how hard it had been for her and it nearly made me cry.
    I love most of the people like Firebat and Kripp because of their personalities, and obviously, they won't say no if they're invited so the fault is 100% with Blizzard here. Even if, as you said, they did it by viewers or MMR and it was all guys they couldn't be accused of bias but that is not the case.

    Like Blizzard pls. Be inclusive and diverse you dummies.

  4. Makes no sense why Trump is always invited this guy is 7k mmr barely streams HS until he was invited to the tournament. Same with Hafu no offence to her but there are definitely more deserving female players ahead of her for this tournament. She was playing TFT for the past month comes back less than a week ago.

  5. obviously they’re trying to pull people back into the game who tuned out after the first few months. they want to sell a few hundred more battleground passes more than they want to nurture and build their community, and that comes at the expense of the streamers who have worked their asses off to keep the format relevant. hearthstone is dying and they’re trying to re-sell it to people who already moved on.

  6. I understand your point, but I have to say I was laughing throughout this rant just due to your energy and over-the-top voice like I was laughing for a minute straight after 2:58 6:50 11:54 😆

    14:07 You can say that about gaming in general.

    I'm curious what's with your facecam? It feels like I'm watching someone with a mask on (especially since the mouth doesn't move) or a V-tuber lol

    I'm really glad that Sly got invited in the end even though she was a last minute replacement.

  7. what? im so confused how she is talking without moving her lips . is that even her? what am i looking at

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