Does SKILL matter in Hearthstone? | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

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23 thoughts on “Does SKILL matter in Hearthstone? | Ashes of Outland | Hearthstone

  1. Skill does matter. Even accessing random outcomes is a skill.
    Conserving and managing Ressources. A full hand is more skill testing than an empty one.

  2. You need the skill of antem or whatever that dude name is so you draw the perfect hand, high roll and at the same time screw your opponent rng so you can send him straight to the shadow realm … ducking hs is so dumb I hate the brainless mind blowing crazy turns out of nowhere just because your opponent got lucky and that cost you the game I hate that sheet a lot to the point I stop playing for days just because I need a break and you should talk about the tournament meta that’s another breed god gracious I could rant for days on end about this meta . Lo juh zeddy

  3. Skill does matter. Their is a reason why good players are always at high legend every season (jack,hijo) and its not by pure luck.

  4. I'm not a pro player or high legend finisher by any stretch. Top 1000 at best. But there are more players like me than there are pro players, and I have to agree with everything mentioned in this video. Managing resources isn't a thing anymore in this game. You can't play around your opponent getting a random Kalecgos and Ysera off the random Dragonqueen Alex he discovered from his random draconic lackey. Yet it happens game after game after game, because "random is fun" apparently. That's why this meta is so uninteractive and low skilled in my opinion.

  5. Saw him when Jalex mentioned it and yeah, that series of tweets is bang on. Paradoxically, if you want more skill you will find more of it in wild because the power level is so absurd there's no place whatsoever for "created by and random nonsense" in most decks, since consistency is a lot more important and the random pool is garbage because it's too deep. Sure, most things are degenerate but at least there are actual combo and control decks rather than the aggro and "midrange" that's standard right now. I really hope the hs team will stop power creeping the living shit out of everything.

  6. Imo these kinda videos are your best content. They bring up discussion in this horrible game state.

  7. Lackeys and RNG based cards killed my competitive spirit in this game. I used to enjoy playing decks with at least some skill and learning how to play around potential answers from my opponent, but with the release of lackeys last year my enjoyment began to dwindle until around the release of the DoD solo adventure I stopped caring completely. Now I'm a no skill casual-only player. I want to get back in competitively but can't due to all the random bullshit now.

  8. When you lose to generated by…..on the turn you would win is not fun or enjoyable if you have $1000…. $2000…. $20000 On the line is not fun or cool

  9. or in other words, you can make all the right moves
    and still lose…horribly…out of nowhere…because fun
    very rewarding indeed. the game is more and more just wasting my time

  10. ⭐ I love Discover cards (almost every Discover card is actually competitive)
    ⭐ I love cards that create random cards for card advantage
    ⭐ I hate pure Aggro and Control
    ⭐ I love tempo and making sure you do know how to build your "sand castle" so it doesn't fall down from board clears
    ⭐ Only recently I found myself playing those kind of decks with good opening and nice card generating sustain
    ⭐ This video sucked because it criticized the best Hearthstone has to offer… oh wait no it's because people are trying to be competitive and don't even know that fun decks exist
    ⭐ Wowhobs

  11. Naxxaramas meta, grimm patron meta was way more skill intensive than the actual meta we have now.

  12. I agree absolutly with you thanks for creating this 10 min video .i have the same exactly problem i wish hearstone to create less value cards like thief priest or rogue it is absolutly insane to play around so many random cards .

  13. I think power creep has killed any real strategy in the game. The only way to fix standard is by releasing three expansions that completely tone down the power and value of cards while also HoF a lot of cards.

  14. My Reno n’zoth mill rogue is a pure control deck…. legend viable, no mana cheat and no random at all. Otherwise I completely agree with what you said

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