Dog Hits 14k! | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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39 thoughts on “Dog Hits 14k! | Dogdog Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. I'm in 8.5k bracket, but I reckon nothing changes. As long as Murlocks + Beasts are in the game, everyone forces murlocks, luckiest one wins.
    There is only one strategy in the game, and that is murlocks.
    Go pirates, you beat everyone early, lose to the lucky guy going murlocks. Rinse repeat

  2. Dog mentions that it must of been a high lobby. The player that donated the Megasaur to him near the end is also the #1 player on the list at the end of the video. So yeah, it’s a good lobby.

  3. 13:22 the logic doesnt work. It's not -1 gold if you roll and freeze because you got an extra roll in instead of hero powering. It's the same unless you hit something you need.

  4. What is that site at the end? That shows position.. I tried looking for hearthstone bg leaderboards and couldn't find anything

  5. Anyone else notice how he missed the warleader triple on his first primalfin with the second discovery? After that he only talked about taking bagurgle over the rockpool triple.

  6. Dog reaches 14k.
    Me near 7k finally ima reach 7k….
    Next 10 games lose 2×5% back to back, exact lethal every time, no pirates when playing patches except hp, no murlocs from frurgl whatsoever aaaaand back to 6k….its ok…it isnt like it took me one week to gathe 1000 mmr only to be wrecked in 2 days by a classic super bad luck streak…

  7. With how dominant Murlocs are in order to get Divine Shield + Poison on a full board it should be as difficult as any other exodia build is to get.

  8. Yea murlocs just aren’t fun to play from both sides :(( although it wins it doesn’t feel good to see them and it doesn’t feel the best when people leave bc they know they can’t win. Feelsbadman

  9. The grind is real. Have to play on another region on mobile once I got past 9k. Impossible to climb otherwise

  10. watching you play dog makes me almost wanna sit down and waste my time with this garbage, but then I wake up and remember you are getting paid for this.

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