Don't Tell Blizzard... ft. Firebat | Zalae Hearthstone

Almost got there, also…title…shhhhh
Look for me in all these places:


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24 thoughts on “Don't Tell Blizzard… ft. Firebat | Zalae Hearthstone

  1. if you need it to work in an emergency don't go cheap, learned that the hard way 5 years ago with paper towels and toilet paper.

  2. He healed for 24 and froze or cleared his opponents board almost every turn
    Still lost

  3. Can you imagine the hype if some dude rolled through the open cups with basic decks? It would be like the worst time traveller ever, tripped forward from 2014….

  4. ZaBat streams are the most wholesome content on all of Twitch.

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