Doomhammer PRIEST?! Spiteful Smith OTK Combo! | Hearthstone

The goal of this Hearthstone Reno Highlander Raza Priest OTK combo deck is to use Doomhammer combined with Spiteful Smith! We do this by obtaining a Doomhammer via Zephrys the Great. Then, on the combo turn we play Spiteful Smith, Grave Rune, Vivid Nightmare, Shadowy Figure, Teron Gorefiend, Shadow Word Pain, and Spirit Lash for the 32 damage OTK! Extremely challenging, but fun meme deck! Good luck!

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37 thoughts on “Doomhammer PRIEST?! Spiteful Smith OTK Combo! | Hearthstone

  1. Me before watching : well, his OTK combo is always insane…
    Me after watching : OMG THIS IS INSANE!!

  2. My guess as to why the Invoke didn't trigger Khadgar's ability is that Invoking Galakrond plays a Hero Power, not a card. But I could be mistaken.

  3. looks like a doomhammer otk with every class series is in order after already completing a few of these already

  4. Watching the shaman get Thekal off the Serpentshrine Portal I was thinking couldn't you do a infinite armor shaman if you bounce that back play it with things like Antique Healbot and then do a Shudderwock combo? Idk if that's already been done but I think that would be pretty cool

  5. Nobody should expect the Priest Doomhammer OTK lol. Though seeing the Priest flat out playing Blacksmith guy should be a dead giveaway to kill it ASAP, whether you understand why he was running it or not.

  6. The khadgar didn't work because the shaman summon is actually galakrond hero power, not an card that actually summons something

  7. The Khadgar didn’t work because he was invoking, not expressly summoning. Since invoke can be “put a 2/1 in play” or other things, it’s not programmed to work.

  8. 7:23 misplay!! YOU MISSED A PING Not waiting for the Anduin animation REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Haha great video love the combo! Thanks for all the content!

  9. @5:48 tl;dr The "invoke" ability isn't a "card".

    “The Invoke effect is a separate function from the Invoke ability and does not count as having been cast by the card itself.”

    The "Inovoke effect" means "cause Galakrond to use his invoke ability", which is kind of like a hero power. So the card causes the hero power to be used, but then the hero power itself causes the minion to be summoned.

    Since Khadgar works on “cards that summon minions”, and the invoke effect is not considered to be caused by the card, the rush minion is not considered summoned by the card, hence Khadgar doesn’t summon a copy.

  10. I actually won a game recently with Reno Burgle Rogue where I got Doomhammer from Zephrys, shadowstepped Zephrys, and played him later for 20 damage from Inner Demon.

  11. Hey Mark, I've had a combo idea for quite some time now but was never able to get every piece together: Its a Mecha'Thun Paladin OTK with Brann, Explosive Sheep and The GvG card Scarlet Purifier: You cost Reduce The Combo pieces by 2 and Mecha'Thun by 1 Extra using the Mech, then drop Mecha'Thun on an Empty Board, Use One Scarlet Purifier, Drop The Brann ,Drop Two Sheep, then Use the Other Purifier: Mecha'Thun is at 4 Health, the Sheep die, killing Everything, including Mecha'Thun and you win

  12. What he said to his partner before bedtime?
    — All right, dick intro time!
    (sorry, I can't hold this joke anymore)

  13. How long did you have to play to get this? I played forth is for 3 hrs and zephyrs never gave me doom hammer with 5 mana remaining,

  14. Here is an otk idea summon 7 impcasters via rustsworn initiate and sinister strike 3 times for an exactly 30 damage otk.

  15. you should do a mechathun combo but instead of killing it in a sane way,
    you should kill mechathun using mimiron's head
    the deathrattle occurs before V-07-TR-0N is summoned so with an empty hand and deck you can kill the enemy hero
    the only problem is keeping your mechs alive through the enemy's turn
    perhaps you can put it into a quest mage (ungoro) shell and use the extra turn to trigger the otk?

  16. Mark has easily become my favorite hearthstone content creator. More than making all these crazy and creative decks, it's the fact that he plays to have fun and not to win that makes all of his stuff so entertaining. Keep up the great videos 🙂

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