DOUBLE DRAGON WINS! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Moving into double Kalecgos territory puts you on another level.
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32 thoughts on “DOUBLE DRAGON WINS! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. It's almost as if the game gives you bad rng when you don't have certain amount of stats by a certain turn lol

  2. Give this a comment a thumb up if you never got Nemsy due to the fact the shop was closed.

  3. I think Kripp should have transformed the small Kalecgos into a random 6-star. Nadina and Zap would have been an improvement

  4. I don't really think that the second kalecgos did enough to make a video out of it even though I enjoyed the gameplay

  5. You weren't really favored before the last turn, this program is unable to calculate some probs. The first 3 hits aren't unlucky at all, your dragon divine shield wasn't buffed enough. Even on streams, sometimes you tell us nonsense.

  6. Once again this is not a how to guide. This is licking into dragons early then just staying dragons.

  7. Just totally drunk, but impressive game anyway !!! GG !!! I totally don't play like that when tipsy ! So GG++ !!!

  8. Title: 17:40
    Verdict: Clickbait

    Kripp used only one Kalecgos for most of the game, then bought the second one basically at the end for only around +3/3.

  9. In my last game i got reno and decent early game dragons, so i thought fuck it and rushed to 5 and tripled into an early kalegos and used the reno hero power on him. Was a very short game haha

  10. Anyone else feel like Kalecgos is the "rarest" six drop? I went dragons like a dozen times in the last two days and he was offered maybe 3 times total. Despite leveling early an what not.

  11. I actually managed to win a run with reno golden saurolisk, at 8k mmr

  12. I literally didn’t know you could use that on your own minions, I thought it was just tavern stuff

  13. I don’t think these stats are right sometimes. And yea…jesus was he lucky this round…damn.

  14. Murlocs do what dragons do but better, dragons take longer to ramp up and are weaker in the late game

  15. Am I alone in thinking that dragon the kalecgos build is very dull? At some point the only decisions you're making is buying every battlecry minion you see. Such skill.

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