DOUBLE GOLDEN WRATH WEAVERS - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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39 thoughts on “DOUBLE GOLDEN WRATH WEAVERS — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. When slyssa pops the golden sneed maexna, foe reaper. When the opponent pops my golden sneed double shifter zerus…

  2. This was a funny game and video. Also I can barely understand your real voice I feel sorry for your friends irl 😅

  3. see I was waiting for the scam part. didnt expect it to happen 5sec before the vid ends. 😀 Yep. Scam confirmed.

  4. Chat has never played demons once? Jesus you don’t play malgannis until you have 1 hp, then you lose the game when you lose a fight that’s how it works

  5. Games like this would test my patience as a streamer. Twitch chat needs to stop backseat driving

  6. Think Baron was a mistake in this build because with Macaw, Selfless, Malganis and Baron you have 4 support units and actually only 3 valuable d-shield targets so the additional d-shields are kind of wasted. Imp Mum instead of Baron would have been fine, 4 d-shields is more than enough. An unstable Ghoul positioned to the far left and no taunt on the watcher would have been better imo, you strip them of all their d-shields, then get yours through macaw and selfless. Should be more consistent though it can always fail to cleave, Zap, opponents ghouls and what not but thats the same for all builds.

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