DRAGONBUILDING 101 - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Kripp teaches you the Dragon basics. Oh, and get lucky!
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49 thoughts on “DRAGONBUILDING 101 — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Title: 13:00
    Verdict: Clickbait

    Kripp gets a RNG Lieutenant (which he keeps the whole game) from his hero power at 5:00, and a Steward of Time at 6:39. These, along with two waxriders at 10:14 let him survive, immediately after which he gets a free triple from a single roll at 5* 11:43 which gets him Kalecgos. The turn after, he gets a Spawn triple and gets a 2nd Kalecgos, then he just ramps in usual fashion.

    Just get 2 Kalecgos 4Head

  2. I'm curious if it would a viable counter to Medina to buy a garbage, low attack taunt minion when you know you're facing someone with her.

  3. 19:11 WTF?! What a stupid move? Megasaur, hero power, take next, keep it till the and, play all of battlecryes, then play second megasaur, and use hero power on him next turn — iz to think thru! What are you doing, why such an asshole?! You disappointed me, Creep.😔

  4. I never got this fucker on 2 stars
    I always got shit and tooday i won first place Dragon vs mechs with 1 hp the other dude had 28

  5. “Wow triple Ghoul — that’s insane… like actually insane. Don’t do that”


  6. The hungry dragon is very interesting. If you get him early and start winning it will carry you. But if you dont win the first 2 rounds after taking it it becomes absolute trash.

  7. Divine shield dragon is OP and I like the underrated hangry dragon. It's carried me through some tough midgame battles.

  8. The secret ingredient is to be extremely lucky to find two kalecgos. If that happens, you have to be extremely lucky to find nadina so that you can win against another extremely lucky dragon player. Thank you for the tutorial Kripp. From now on, I will try to be lucky in my games.

  9. I would love to see you get carried by cats: try to do the 121/121 tabbycat build. (Yes, I'm serious…). The trick is to get 4 or more Khadgars early game, then make sure you have 4 open spaces, then play an alleycat or tidehunter. You get many golden minions and can pretty much level up each round from all the cash you'll make selling all the stuff that's generated. Stay at tier 4/5 until you generate a brann. Now you get even more golden minions (I think like 5+ per cat?). Pick up 3 Mama bears, and 3 mama bears in hand. If you don't manage to get mama bear, just fill the board with random level 6 stuff like ghastcoilers and try again next round. Now find two more alleycats, and use them to get 5 or more tabbeys. Replace khadgar with the second bear. Now have a board full of 90/90+ cute tabbycats. (Due to triple brann, each cat gets +5/+5 3x4x2 times for 121/121 cats!).

    It's totally rediculous, and totally unreliable, and will basically always get first place, except pulling it off requires an RNG miracle. The perfect meme build.

    Note: This is real rough on the APM, I had to disconnect and reconnect to get more turn timer to be able to even attempt this.

  10. Love how he dishes out 'lessons' like no-one else is playing the game. Honestly if you hadn't worked out that you need to get the Kalecgos or Razoregore to scale a dragon build then your MMR must be dismall. Anyone claiming there is a strategy you can follow is lying. The game mode is still rife with luck based plays. Meaning there are only general strategies, not minion specific.

  11. Can someone tell me what is the strongest build? i seem to be struggling with the continiuos nerfs to mechs.

  12. I’d like to point out that until tier 5, kripp didn’t buy a single dragon that started in his tavern.

  13. I just went full dragons for late and without unlucky kalecgos that was pretty terrible

  14. Jesus. I just said kripperino Skipperino out loud. Wife asked me what that was. I smacked her three good times. This quarantine is messing with me. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time.

  15. His negativity is really starting to be a nuissance for me… these videos are alot of fun in general but just the constant complaining and pointing out lowrolls while for the most part being oblivious to his own good fortune is so goddamn annoying

  16. dragon is easiest build to commit to, just get kalecos and bunch of random dragons and battlecries easiest build in the game, murlocs on the other hand need a bunch of specific buff cards and alot of them to succeed…

  17. Me: I need to use the bathroom. I guess I'll watch a Kripp video.

    Intro ends: I'm already done…

  18. He's complaining about luck while facing Reno twice early who was throwing and then immediately finds a triple at 5 into Kalecgos.

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