DRAGONS IN THE PIRATES PATCH?! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — Dragons have fallen short of their glory days, but with the right about of luck, anything can happen!
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43 thoughts on “DRAGONS IN THE PIRATES PATCH?! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Opponent: Hey Kripp, call heads or tails
    Krip:: Murlo— I mean, heads
    Opponent: Flips coin, lands on tails
    Kripp: Are you kidding me? That must have been a 10% loss, no way am I this unlucky. That was the undefeated first place coin flipper. He must have high rolled to an insane degree to get tails at this stage in the game

  2. Day 4/10 of thanking Kripp for acknowledging me. It’s so amusing to think of giant fire breathing dragons as being considerably weaker as some people with swords on boats, parrots, wolves, rats, and frog people.

  3. I had a amazing dragon build this path but I got third bc ilidan with maca and guldan on the sides fucked me

  4. Black can checkmate on move 2. White moves f3 and g4, then black checks with the queen.

  5. The search for kalecgos is so real, he literally saw all tavern 6 minions before getting him

  6. So a few vids back Kripp made that vid saying early Razorgore is carry right after he got a super early Kalecgos aswell… I guess he wasn't wrong, this video showcases it a lot better

  7. Rolled over from watching Trump play BG. Almost gave me cancer, came here to find cure

  8. Krip I have an ilidan first place with pirates I'd like to share. I really should start recording some of these crazy games

  9. Is it just coincidence that lately dog and Krip have had very similar subjects (like both did dragons this day) for their uploads?

  10. The least number of moves for checkmate is 2, but you really need to have a dumb or willing opponent playing and you need to be blacks (check Fool's mate).
    Otherwise, against a novice player Scholar's mate works quite often.

  11. How to play dragons: highroll a shifter into razorgore letting you level and spike a triple into kalecgos. Alternative title: I highrolled shifter zerus into a 5!

  12. Kripp basically played dragon like in the pre patch but shoe in that monstrous macaw last match up, which end up being negligible since the shield, amazingly enough, only proc once. Personally, I don't think monstrous macaw is the best match with dragon unit because I don't think a lot of dragon deathrattle feedback into the macaw, but I think macaw works really well with goldrinn or spawn of n'zoth since both deathrattle could serve to keep macaw alive and procing more deathrattle.

  13. That was definitly a Murloc run Kripp, so many signs and opportunities. Transition into murlocs failed 😄

  14. The new Hreos in battleground ar eliek teh cxards in crafted mode. Total imba and compared to old cards/ heroes just much stronger. I wonder if its so hard to make new cards/ heroes that arent total broken.

  15. In the description, change about to amount and you're good to go. 🙂 Also, can't believe Macaw works so well even with dragons. That damn bird is too good.

  16. Sometimes everything goes your way.
    Nah not for me. If something can go wrong. IT DOES!

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