EARLY RAZORGORE = GO DRAGONS! - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — You don’t need no fancy six star Dragons to build the tribe, Razorgore will do.
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39 thoughts on “EARLY RAZORGORE = GO DRAGONS! — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. The game is too quick imo. everyone levels up irregardless of strategy, its find or miss league.

  2. >tfw the only reason second place was able to survive is because they hadn't faced you yet


    also don't forget to go dragons from turn 1 and get kalecgos right after razorgore.

    Kripp just highlight the fact that everyone went dragons or that millhouse dragons can get to high stats faster than others next time.

  4. Was kinda expecting a game where you went razorgore but missed on the kalegos, but great vid nonetheless

  5. Deathwing goes from undefeated to dead in three turns. That's so unfortunate :D.

  6. Weird that getting an early tavern 5 card defines your strategy….thanks for the hard hitting strategy guide.

  7. No way having the best scaling tier 5 into best scaling tier 6 minion can win u games?

  8. Oh I saw that one. He is trying to trick us. On youtube you try to convince the community that you are used to win.

    What about someone who can prove how vicious the streamer "Kripparrian" is?

    There's no Kipperino this time. No Kipperino Balancerino, we decided it's time to be hard with you boi.

    Only Thanos can restore the balance ruined by your YouTube channel.

    Who is with me? Who wants to see salty Kripp being beaten badly?

  9. Guess you can say the early razorgore was the cherry on the cake to an perfect opener and almost flawless dragon run. It impresses me that there were still dragons in the pool for the oponnent to build a similar strong crew.

  10. Thanks for these videos Kripp. Never get to catch your live stream, so really appreciate these. Highly entertaining and quite relaxing at the same time.

  11. "I don't freeze for 2 battlecries" … gets 0 and rolls xD the greeeed

  12. I hate watching Kripp get rewarded for his belief that Red Whelp is a late-game card 🙁

  13. I feel like I am watching too much Kripp lately. How much Kripp is too much?
    I remember almost all of his videos from his stream. Anyway, I'll see you next time.

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