Echo Overwatch Gameplay!!

Playing the brand new Overwatch character Echo for the first time! #Echo #Overwatch #NintendoSwitch
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Echo Overwatch Gameplay!!
Let’s test out the brand new Overwatch character Echo!

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4 thoughts on “Echo Overwatch Gameplay!!

  1. This was so much fun Katie!! You are great as Echo!! She should DEFINITELY be one of your mains!! Sorry I didn't do so well, had the other team all over me! Finally got mad and started kicking butt as Sigma! Can't wait for the next Overwatch stream, but please not on a day I work? 💖💖

  2. Thank you for inviting me to play with you!! I had been looking forward to this stream for a while now! I was so ready after you said you would be streaming Overwatch when Echo went live on console and it was so much fun! You did so well as Echo! It can take time getting used to a new character but you adapted quickly! I'm glad others from the chat joined in the game, and we even had a long winning streak going!

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