Edwin Still OP?? Golden Razorgore Comp - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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27 thoughts on “Edwin Still OP?? Golden Razorgore Comp — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Slysss, imho just a little more explanation of why you are making the choices you are making during the game would make the YT video more engaging. Just an idea.

  2. Nothing compares to Frozen 2? Love you Slyssa, but I thought Frozen 2 was some hot garbage.. not even comparing it to the Disney classics (so no nostalgia here), but stuff like Moana and Tangled put it to shame.

    But whatevs different strokes, you play BG good and thats all that matters! 😁

  3. Hey Slyssa, it's great that you're doing skips for downtime now! Consider doing fast cross-fades with the audio from the new clip so that it's less disruptive than a fade to/from black.

  4. Not a fan to the fade to black transition. But I am glad you're doing jump cuts, just prefer it without the fade to black. See Firebat/Zalae's videos edited by Ed, he does a fantastic job!

  5. My idea for the youtube giveaway is to give it to the seventh person to make this dumb joke.

  6. It's an hours long documentary it's amazing it's really cool how they do animations…. it's kinda interesting

  7. So happy that there are women out there who stream bg. Love your content, Slyssa, please keep going

  8. There aren't a lotta streamers out there who dedicate the time to also edit their own videos, so seeing how your editing process is changing over time is really interesting~

  9. didn't think frozen 2 was great. plot was okay but the music was just overwrought and didn't have good hooks.

  10. Never apologize for dancing. Makes me feel better about my white boi moves.

  11. i really wanna see van cleef pirate build with hoggers but typical fashion every time i get close to something like it rng doesn't favour me and i get bad draws and murlocs xD

  12. I love Toy Story series more than any other animation movies. They have really good stories and they tell these stories in a simple way, what a great job!

  13. Not complaining, but I feel like the video would be more accurately titled as like "Disney movie discussion featuring Razorgore" or something 😛

  14. Okay, hands up if you kept having to rewind the video to watch the actual gameplay because you kept missing it because you were watching Slyssa dance — not in a creepy way though, no creeps allowed.

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