Electus - Heartstone EP

New EP titled »Heartstone» 🙂

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Artist: Electus
Genre: Melodic
Software: FL 10



Artwork by;


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36 thoughts on “Electus — Heartstone EP

  1. Electus MISTRZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    much love from Poland 🙂 keep it up!

  2. I'm going to play this on loop when I play Hearthstone so you can Hearthstone while you Hearthstone.

  3. Hearthstone…. Is the name inspired by a ceirtain card game released by blizzard? 😛

    Love the song though, I just love it when you release new stuff <3

  4. Ei man…hum…i don´t know you….i don´t even know your real name but i really need to say this….thank you. for every single song….music is the way I choose to run a bit from reality and you just put every emotion,,,every feeling….in your music.
    This is just a really big and true: thank you. from the heart…now please….do never quit music….we need you….we are your fans and we love you! thanks and peace 😉

  5. Is there a way to download this Electus? Or is it just available on SoundCloud? I'd love to download your EP. D:

  6. Why ur music takes me to another world .. A perfect world .. Wanna live with this forever ❤️

  7. You know, you and Killigrew both have incredible talent. I loved your dubstep, but I love your chill even more. I agree with everyone else, the direction you are taking is spot on and perfect for you. 

  8. This is soo good Oliver… wow.

    I realize I have a lot more of your songs to explore… 😮😮

  9. Hi, the link to download the EP doesn't exist anymore. Where can I download your EP?

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