Elise Starseeker & Aviana Combo! Hearthstone (League of Explorers)

Aviana to Innervate to Golden Monkey to two random legendaries. Good times. (If you’re in a hurry, the magic happens at 7:00.)

Yes, this is a gimmicky and somewhat inconsistent deck. But, it’s in its early stages. Even if it isn’t top tier, it’s super fun when you get the combo, so I’m going to keep working on it. Also, I’m aware I make some mistakes in this video, so if that kind of thing ticks you off you may want to stay away.

Also, I did come up with this deck myself. It may or may not already exist somewhere else, but I didn’t copy it from anything.

The deck attempts to balance card draw (to get through to the Monkey, and also to draw Aviana) with healing and control. Survive to late game, and if the board is reasonably clear turn 10+ and you have the combo (Aviana, Innervate, Monkey), play it and overwhelm the opponent. (Aviana to Monkey can also work if necessary, because Monkey is a 6/6 taunt.)

(I am also considering adding Kel’Thuzad to this deck, as playing Avianna, Innervate, KT, Monkey, Legendary, sounds pretty darn strong. Just need to find him a spot.)

Don’t take too much damage too quickly, but at the same time don’t be afraid to exchange health for card draw because you need to get through the deck and there’s ample healing.

Mulch was the most recent addition, as an emergency measure for high-health things like Ysera. If you use it on that kind of card, most of the time Mulch will give the opponent something much worse.

So far keeping Elise in the mulligan seems to be a good idea, as well as Raven Idol or any of the 2 drops.

There’s also a mini-combo in this deck with Savage Combatant + Finley. Hero Power for 3 attack, then get another HP with Finley, then HP again for 5 attack (plus the effect of your new HP).

If anyone has suggestions for improvements to the deck I’m all ears! Or try it yourself and let me know how it goes.

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45 thoughts on “Elise Starseeker & Aviana Combo! Hearthstone (League of Explorers)

  1. Good job with the video man, I'm happy you purposely missed lethal so we could see a little more of the combo 😉

  2. OMG you used cards you suck… Just thought id join in. PS nice gameplay buddy its good to see something different to legend players playing god decks

  3. God. That's why I fucking hate this "e-Sports" fad that we're on in the gaming world. People aren't allowed to play casually or just to have fun anymore. If they aren't following the meta, if they aren't copying every single deck the "professionals' are using, if they aren't even trying to become one of those pro players, if they aren't thinktanking, strategizing and following religiously every pro guys streamings they are just a bunch of "shitty gamers", "losers" who "misplay", who "misses lethal". Gaming has become a fucking job; you aren't allowed to have fun anymore, you can only try to be the best there ever was in the game. This pisses me off so much…

  4. I can't say I enjoyed the vid, but seeing all this guys being salty pieces of shit over there, I guess I'm gonna upvote it.P.S. note to self:If at any point in time will I decide to make HS vids — always click the cards enemy play, such an easy way to found all degenerates elegiggle

  5. Well done, you beat the most random assembled priest deck ever at rank 17. I'm guessing your opponent just threw in whatever good cards he had. Why not show this deck beating a real deck at whatever rank? Guess there weren't a lot of those

  6. Nice combo and vid. but that bm what you show after 'magic' is disgusting. Poor opponent, should've win the game as soon as you could.

  7. Your title is misleading, you missed lethal, "combo" starts 7:21 rest is trash so why you uploaded whole game (for money huh?) Please delete your youtube account. You will save the future.

  8. I stopped watching at 1:47… really sure take free hits.. silence the bot so velen goes of, doing 4 effective dmg on it…. just with the silence..

  9. Not really a elise + avianna combo, but rather golden monkey cowbo but whatever, cool and fun game.
    Not that this community knows what fun game is… jesus.

  10. Why the fuck do you keep clicking on the cards your opponent plays on the left. This is seriously so annoying lol

  11. People who are complaining here are just jealous that someone pulled off that combo in a really good way. It is especially also because people are frustrated with this game cause of the rng-clown-fiesta, yet still play it and when they see others doing well, they get even more frustrated. They are trying to be smart, acting like that they could have done it much better… if so then invest your time for yourself, doing many many games in a row just to pull of that combo, recording and cut this video-material to finally upload it. Man the frustration is so big in a game with a lot of RNG.

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