Empty Deck + The Darkness = 馃槩 | Arena | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

He needed exactly that card!


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27 thoughts on “Empty Deck + The Darkness = 馃槩 | Arena | Saviors of Uldum | Hearthstone

  1. i went 0:3 with warrior mage. worst deck ever. im just unlucky.

  2. What is the outro song? I have heard it so often now and I need to know what it's from

  3. Is no one going to mention his draws and opening hands? Wtf is this how you consistently get over 7 wins?

  4. 鈥淥ne health minions are pretty rare so I shouldn鈥檛 keep flamecaller鈥…Opponent immediately plays one health minions

  5. Good plays for the most part, but one thing really bugged me. If you have 10 mana and you can either play a 6 drop or a 1 drop with unstable evolution, please don't choose the 6 drop. You have more chances to find what you're looking for and even get some interactions such as rush, spell effects and charge on the way to finagle out some victories.

  6. I swear to fucking god if one more person asks about the negative gold without reading the comments first I'm gonna bust a fucking nut

  7. 1:05:30 Boar would effectively have charge against dino, no need to RNG the crabs battlecry. Like so many I commented before seeing Trump realize his mistake.

  8. You can go infinite* with radiant elemental and unstable! Not sure if it's worth trying as neither has a good hero power and radiant's only in 20% of arena decks and unstable 10% right now.

  9. Seeing Trump doing all these Trump-trades in 2019 is so very painful!

    The last two losses were both games in which he abandoned any sort of initiative and started playing like a completely new-to-the-game player. He respects tempo in Arena so little, that he tries to remind himself of that on plenty of occasions, only to instinctively recede to his terrible, antiquated "value" game, merely a game or two later.

    Conversely, last year in Dual Arena he managed a commanding average of 9,50 wins, which landed him to 2nd place iirc. In those games I was amazed by how much he had managed to re-align his approach to the format, go face a lot more often and stop acting like a miser who's trying to squeeze value out of everything only to eventually lose track of the big picture.

    Trump could have been a top-tier player if he took less pride in other people calling him Mayor of Value Town (which I would have considered ironic, if not derogatory). I know I sound acrimonious, but I write all these having the utmost respect for him as a person and as a gamer.

  10. "Lets get started with a nice little Big guy"

    Sounds like a contradiction, but ok.

    Realizes that it's a big guy that dies and spawns little guys

    The mad man was right

  11. That intro into this video haha, darn, so cool, this alone is worth leaving a like.

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