ENDLESS CRAZY LEGENDARIES!! Frostwhisper, My Reveal, & More! | Scholomance Review #8 | Hearthstone

A bunch of new Scholomance Academy cards have been revealed! Here are my detailed thoughts and star ratings for each new card.

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Card Review | Hearthstone | Scholomance Academy Card Review #8


22 thoughts on “ENDLESS CRAZY LEGENDARIES!! Frostwhisper, My Reveal, & More! | Scholomance Review #8 | Hearthstone

  1. Hey folks, I know I mentioned some medical stuff I was doing yesterday. Update: basically I had go under for a bit, docs poked around inside me a little, ruled out some scary concerns that were had. So should be all good! Relieved to have that behind me.

  2. Secret Passage is absolutely insane, it is way better than Myras, it is epic and it only costs 1 ( 1 mana draw 5). This card is 99% the best card which will be in the game

  3. I'm getting a little annoyed that Demon hunters are getting better versions of a lot of archtypes that other classes worked at. Priest used to have the most silence cards but DH instantly gets consume magic which is way superior to silence and this mage hunter isn't the best because of its cost but a potentially repreatable silence is more than priest ever got. Disruption effects have mostly been a warlock thing but for ages the community asked for more widespread disruption effects to help counter some decks then DH comes along with several potentially good disruption cards and it is already a very aggresive class. I can see why people get quite salty about it.

  4. Stelina is better than 4 mana 4/3 draw a card, it -1s your opponent instead of +1ing yourself (assuming you count the 4/3 in play as not being -1 until it dies), plus it can target specific cards pretty often (board clear, combo or even their curve card for the next turn). The only thing maybe holding it back is that it is on outcast, but it's a pretty easy go to to just drop it whenever the board state is relatively even or you are ahead (which is often as demon hunter) and it is on the left or top-decked after turn 4. The fastest aggro demon hunters probably don't run it, but I think most tempo decks will appreciate it and if a control demon hunter actually emerges it will be one of the sleeper top cards of the set for skilled players. Ask yourself, would you play a 4 mana 4/3 dirty rat that silences and destroys the card it pulls AND lets you discover to choose it's target? In a lot of games that's what this card will be, even if only 1 or 2 tier 1 or 2 decks have combo cards to target, it will be better than dirty rat for instantly winning the match-up, and even in the worst cast scenario it's a 4 mana 4/3 that 1 for 1s in card advantage before it even hits the board, and outside of incredibly slow control v control games (which even control demon hunter isn't really likely to go to, as they still want to close the game out suddenly with either big plays or burst combo dmg, I doubt there will be anything like a slow grinder control demon hunter) there isn't much reason to hold onto the card if you topdeck it at 4+ mana, I don't really think the outcast will be that hard to trigger.

  5. Oh, and also, the sphere only loses durability when you put the card at the bottom if I'm reading it properly, so basically expect like 1 mana scry 8, in non-weapon classes its probably going to be the best turn one play in the game outside of quest decks, basically get veto power on every turn draw for the important turns of the game (1 through 8 or so in most matchups the game is over by then). Will obviously be better in decks that have a more clear delineation between cards you want and don't want in given match-ups, and a huge difference based on player skill and game/meta knowledge, but I would absolutely pay 1 mana and a card to scry ~6-10, even if it's only 1 per turn, even in a game like hearthstone without land draws and with less bricks than more combo/tutor/setup oriented card games. I wouldn't be surprised to see some decks have a +10-20% winrate for playing the sphere turn one, if not keleseth level numbers.

  6. Star student stelena will help enemy more lol free redraw, work only on noob meta decks

  7. Vectus' s whelps can only copy diferentes deathrattles, so if just one deathrattle minion died his game one of the 1/1s will be vanilla

  8. omg that magehunter card is ridiculously strong, this singlehandedly destroys a few ARCHETYPES…pfff! I guess this continues the school theme, i would rename this new student teacher's pet.

  9. Classic Wild Druid next exp
    Turn 1: Lightning Bloom x2 + Twig + Sphere of Sapience
    Turn 2: 6 mana,find draws
    Turn 3: Draw your whole deck or kill your opponent
    Turn 4: Kill your opponent

  10. A mage hunter demonhunter card
    Ah yes, that's definitely what we should title this card in a duel class expansiob

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