Even LEGEND Players Forgot About THIS One CARD | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1446

Even LEGEND Players Forgot About THIS One CARD | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1446

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ES_Vision of Division — Marc Torch
ES_Butterfly Chase — The Morning Report
ES_The Travelling Man — Rich in Rags
ES_King of Hearts — The Tap Room
ES_Zigzag — Berny Shepard
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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48 thoughts on “Even LEGEND Players Forgot About THIS One CARD | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1446

  1. 5:38 Mr.editor its like 2 steps from blizzard. Step 1 deal 2 dmg to board step 2 freeze board — this makes it so that bomb spawns after step 1-dmg taken,but before step2 — freeze

  2. Blizzard (the spell) has two modes in one effect: Damage and Freeze. Ever since the beta, the damage goes out, any triggers happen, and THEN it frost novas.

  3. A couple ridiculous-looking transmog items for only 250 Darkmoon Fair Tickets?
    Incredible bargain right there.

  4. 5:40 The bomb are freeze because in first time, that deal 2 damage so the bomb spawn. And after that freeze all minions so the bombs are freeze.

  5. Wait, so the guy in the first clip actually had Living Dragonbreath in his deck? Just how many Freeze Shamans did he face?

  6. I am excited because a new expansion means meta shifting, and outlands means a lot of cool demons for warlocks!

  7. 5:40 blizzard has always worked like that and idk why blizzard doesnt fix it. the card behaves as if the text reads "deal 2 damage to all enemy minions. and then freeze all enemy minions" when it should say. "deal 2 damage and freeze all enemy minions"

  8. There are some cards that are good. But some are broken as well. A good example of this is the Hulking Overfiend. It easily out class the Rammer with it's 5/10 extra attack than 3/12. The new set needs some balancing, but over all? It is okay.

  9. Excited about everything. Most because of the announcement of the new game mode planned for next expansion and achievements for last expansion. Now because of the new class, the hunter with Demon in front of his name. But how it's gonna interact with even decks in wild? And how it's gonna look the upgraded version? 1 mana give your hero +2 attack this turn? It's looking more like an even hunter that an odd hunter with Demon in front of his text

  10. 5:40 i think blizzard deals 2 damages first (then bombs spawn because of that) and then it freezes your stuff.

  11. Bombs froze because Blizzard first deals 2 damage, resolves on damage effects (bomb wrangler), then freezes all enemy minions

  12. Double Restriction — low hand the best part of the announcement and (even better) in the first seconds of the direct!

  13. I love it, mainly because priest is getting nerf and the already aggressive meta is going into ultra instinct aggression mode

  14. Well i m on the Demon Hunter hype! But i have to say that honestly most of us probably are more excited about the no duplicates on opening packs policy! Finally some progress on our f2p collections. Also the hoarding packs to open then for max profit has already started!!

  15. 5:40 because it’s deal two damage and then freeze, it deals damage and the cards that activate via damage happens first, and then it freeze enemy minions, which now includes the bombs

  16. im exited for the possibility of beast hunter being meta again. the only hunter deck that have over 0.1% chance of beating priest

  17. The damage occurs before the freeze on blizzard and the damage triggers the spawn so they are in play when the freeze happens

  18. I am most excited for dusting off my Sacrificial Pacts and ruining some new Demon Hunter decks, Gul'Dan will reign supreme!

  19. Blizzard does the damage first, THEN freezes. so the damage spawned the bombs, then the freeze happened

  20. 5:40 deal 2 damage. After tge damage it freezes the minions. So the effect that summon the boom bots trigger. Before the freeze effect

  21. I always like expansion announcements, but I felt that the Priest class reworkings were out-of-touch. They don't want Priest to be able to to massive amounts of face damage out of nowhere. That's understandable. But the #1 most problematic card from that perspective, Inner Fire, did not get changed. Also, they seemed to pretend not to notice the extent to which people have been complaining about resurrection Priest ever since Knights of the Frozen Throne.

  22. For anyone wondering, bombs froze because the Blizzard spell is actually two parts that resolve separately.
    First, deal damage (which makes the bombs spawn) THEN, freeze the opposing board.
    There's several interactions that work this way.

  23. That wild vargoth player makes me so confused. Why is this clip worthy. It is every mage on wild ladder

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