EVERYONE MURLOCS? TESS = GODMODE - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds — More murloc players? More murlocs for meeeeee!
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45 thoughts on “EVERYONE MURLOCS? TESS = GODMODE — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. what happen if you use TESS hero power on turn2?
    you get like 3x of one opponent's single minion?
    you get an instant triple opportuinity?

  2. 23:57 does he actually believe he is a pro player in a 100% rng game?
    wait is he serious ? his arrogance and ignorance is so toxic
    in 2020 there is no skill in this game because everyone knows how to BASIC play this game
    the rest is RNG . so dont u ever try to tell me it is skill based.
    the only skill you can have is Khadgar+bran apm (DOGDOG)
    which is WHAT kripparrian with his BOOMER apm will NEVER! be able to reach.

  3. if imp moma had survived until only the tokens remain kripp could have gotten screwed so hard.

  4. giving everyone 10 more health would slow out the games a bit and it would probably make midrange less effective but not unplayable

  5. I think that battlegrounds could benefit from a "Speed Battlegrounds" option — for example, you start the game at Tavern 3 and in the first turn you have 30 gold to spend. It makes janky early losses less relevant, you start the game with a better build, and you go into the late-game with more health so although there's less turns per game, each one is more interactive.

    Might need to rebalance some heroes of course, or make ones like Rafaam and Tess exempt from that mode, but i think it could be a interesting alternative.

  6. Tokens (minions spawned during fights) should just deal no damage.
    And Golden minions should do + 1 Damage each when they are golden.

  7. I think that, plants in a divine shield poisonous murlocks it's good, because the plants pops his divine shield, wile his atack on the divine taunts

  8. Far out! Is it just me or is Kripps Indecisive slow Boomer play just so hard to watch!!!!
    He makes out he is painting a master piece and in the reality he is SUPER lucky and a 6 YO could of closed that game out faster from round 10!

  9. Decent way to get murlocks nerfed. Post a video everyday of you completely stomping people with murlocks. Then the devs will see there is a problem that needs fixing….

  10. 100% missplay not selling brann and potentioally having 7 divine shield poison, like in what world can he think its better to have 5 poison divine+brann instead of atleast 6 poison divine. How can he be so greedy to keep brann when its completely useless after you got divine poison

  11. In what world do you sell a 30/30 divine poison bagurglr over a brann that is basically useless at this point

  12. This…..this is why we don’t play Murlocs against Tess….whatever your doing she’s going to do better

  13. Tess is literally the Communist Bugs Bunny meme as a hero.
    Literally anyone: Look at my sick Murloc build!
    Tess: Our Murloc build

  14. “Perfect murloc v murloc play there”

    The other guy didn’t realize that taunting his murlocs would doom him, so really it was highly flawed play from the other guy

  15. You have to really admire his skill. We joke about how much he plays murlocs, but the fact he does means that he has a ton of practice countering them, too, so he knows how to go murloc v murloc in the endgame. It's honestly incredible. The man continues to prove he's definitely a pro level player, despite the Boomer APM turns.

  16. A great solution to the damage taking is to introduce some minions that grant armor. Not enough to go infinite.
    But imagine a 2 or 3 star card with the text 'When you lose a match, gain 3 armor.'
    It would slow down the health drip in the early game.

    In the late game they could introduce a 5 or 6 star card with a 'When you buy this card, gain 5 armor'. So you can buy some HP to turn a lethal hit into another turn of survival.

  17. Kripp, why are you saying that Tess is one of the worst heroes in the game? She's rated S-tier.

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