EVOLVE Is Such A Fair Mechanic! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1409

EVOLVE Is Such A Fair Mechanic! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1409

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ES_Stolen & Concealed — T. Morri
ES_Minced Beat — Mike Franklyn
ES_The Hipcat Swagger — Ritchie Everett
ES_Diner Dreams — Gary Combs
ES_May I Have This One — Chalalatas
ES_Salty Breeze 3 — Martin Gauffin

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28 thoughts on “EVOLVE Is Such A Fair Mechanic! | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep.1409

  1. Obviously there is power creep. 1 mana 2/2 is now fair and isn't played often. Boulderfist ogre or yeti are only playable with an upside. And the only card in the game that reads "win the game" became unplayable since about a year.

  2. There will always be power creep, but there's nothing they can really do to get rid of it, cos otherwise none of the new cards will see any play

  3. I don't think Hearthstone suffers from power creep as more extensions are released. I know Hearthstone suffers from power creep as more extensions are released!

  4. Plot Twist and Dollmaster Dorian??
    One of my favorite combos at the moment right now!! Power creep is a definite in this game.

  5. On start video can u stfu and start play? nobody cares ur bullshit

  6. Rogue powercreep : multiple copies costing 0. (I'm guilty of using this, it's so fun beating the netdecks with a hand full of Kronx)

    Mage powercreep : Khadgar + giants + culling

    Hunter powercreep : hyena alpha.

    Warlock : galakrond invokes in a meta with very little field clear.

    Druid : embiggen + sidequest + deck full of untargetables

    Warrior : galak warrior when it pulls Korkron or leeroy.

    Yes, power creep is beyond broken at this point.

  7. Yes it does have power creep. But it is important to have it to keep the game alive. Because if weak cards are made for an expansion no one will use them and if they do not do anything about that eventually players will get bored. Thats why its important.

  8. It 100000000000000% does suffer from power creep. I mean, remember the times of fourmanasevenseven? Nowadays such unit will probably not even be played…

  9. the power creep in hearthstone is terrible and now they have the best cards locked behind the solo adventures, its really just ruining the game and for people who dont want to sell their soul to play the game, you can't have fun in ladder. you're forced into battlegrounds or arena and those are just not fun (Dragons of decent is by far the worst culprit too)

  10. Guys if u need an Italian to English translator I’ll be glad to help you. Text me in dm on Instagram @justnotappleseed

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