Extreme Shenanigans from Brann and Khadgar | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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22 thoughts on “Extreme Shenanigans from Brann and Khadgar | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Oh lord, I remember watching this game live, it was hilarious saying in chat "what broken board will dog make this time?"
    Like literally if you look at every board at the end of each recruit phase from 7:39 and beyond; it's incredible how he did a different broken thing each turn lmao. This is why dog is my favorite HSBG streamer by far

  2. Me: Struggles to make Chadgar Brann work @ 5k
    Dog: Casually and effortlessly pull it off @ 12k

  3. My outdated laptop won't let me pull things like this off. Let alone my slow brain.

  4. He was so far ahead so early that I thought they were down to the final two at 16:44 and was wondering why he didn’t just sell his Brann to make room for two Maexxnas since there was only one fight left…

  5. Every time I've tried this, I've had 40 seconds, 50 if I'm lucky, to pull it all off. I would love a skip combat option so you can get maximum time when you know you have a long turn ahead of you.

  6. what classical music piece is playing in the background? I'm racking my brain trying to remember it. Nvm I got it, for anybody that wants to know, its Beethoven piano sonato no. 14 op27 no.2 moonlight

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