FELOSOPHY FIRERAP - Scholomance Academy Card Reveal Rap | FIrebat Hearthstone

Special thanks to Blizzard for giving me this card to reveal! — Felosophy. I hope you enjoyed my music video/rap.

Special thanks to my Producer: OneManElastic
His Twitter: https://twitter.com/OneManElastic
His YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2JB_8X4O0mJIW1FEmTap5w/

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23 thoughts on “FELOSOPHY FIRERAP — Scholomance Academy Card Reveal Rap | FIrebat Hearthstone

  1. Shoutout to myself for being A COMPLETE IDIOT. I had a folder in my computer marked "7.24 CARD REVEAL" and I've been looking at that everyday for like a week. My plan was to do it today cause I love last minute things, and then I start getting messages from people asking where the reveal is…so I freak out, pee myself, go to discord and search through everything Firebat told me about the reveal, wondering how I wrote the 24th down. Apparently he told me he was coming back on the 24th and my brain was like "okay cool, that's when the reveal is". SO here we are. The song is good, the vid is good, and we all good I hope.

    HUGE APOLOGIES to Blizzard from myself. I've always been on top of card reveals and this time I just messed it up.


  2. 1. I didn't realise Rachel was actually that good-looking and into Hearthstone 😮 We almost never see her on stream. If she enjoys it you can also do the wacky card-doctoring with her to get another person in there, makes it maybe more fun
    2. This is cringey and comedy gold at the same time, I love it

  3. Can't make up my mind which is better, the rap, the moustache or Rachel's expressions.

  4. I watched this the second time now awsome way to Show of a New card great Job you 2 🙂

  5. Wow you have outdone yourself as an Entertainer! You should change your name to firebat the Entertainer XD that was amazing

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