FINAL ROUND = CONCEDE?? - Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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26 thoughts on “FINAL ROUND = CONCEDE?? — Hearthstone Battlegrounds

  1. Yo Krip whats your opinion on the new battleground spam where you have to pay 80 bucks to get the bonus?

  2. It happened to me to lose against the last opponent but he quit before the match so I win as first, even if I' ve lost, because he had lost before me by quitting

  3. I'd love to see a situation where opponent concedes and his ghost wins (without Kripp throwing his board.)

  4. Kripp " This guy is in a lot of trouble" / "imagine an 11 win streak then getting smashed that hard"
    Also Kripp " I don't know why people quit 1 turn early"

  5. I've learned that Kripp is very lucky: he get 2 triples just after pushing tavern to 5 and get absolutely perfect cards for his bord.

  6. As a mech player you have an inherent +5% chance to win any battle if your opponent just slams his face into your divine shields enough. The same cannot be said for beasts vs divine shield poisonous murlocs. In that case, just concede and move on.

  7. I only concede to high roll murloc endgame takes forever if you only take so few damage

  8. In a game i killed myself from a mistake, but my luck was that the enemy gave up. Really I don't understand people how gave up in the last match

  9. 8:00 Few people realize that Krip worked well with what luck he had. he knew his only chance was with tiering up and he succeeded with that plan.

  10. But imagine if the divine shileds on minicobalts stacked… that would be fun 🙂

  11. this game is boring and predictable, i feel like the game already determined who the winner is before every match, simply by just giving the winner the right order of their deck
    this game is a waste of time

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