Firebat vs Fr0zen - Division B - Hearthstone Grandmasters Americas 2020 Season 1 - Week 4

Firebat and Fr0zen face off in Americas Division B Round Robin, Week 4, Day 3 of the Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020 Season 1!

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20 thoughts on “Firebat vs Fr0zen — Division B — Hearthstone Grandmasters Americas 2020 Season 1 — Week 4

  1. Can we all take a moment to admire how much Firebat looks like a dad in his business Zoom call? Never change, buddy.

  2. damn that zoo warlock reminds me of when galakrond warlock used to get sweeped all the time

  3. who makes these 'key cards' section and how does he not include risky skipper in warrior, it is literally the one card they need for everything to come together.

  4. Didn't understand not giving the 4 attack minion the +1 attack to set him to 4 health when you are running soul fire, it gives you an out to win. Both these guys are better than me, just seemed a misplay though not to play to your outs.

  5. Basically what frodan said in that second game is firebat could lose if he doesn't draw good cards XD

  6. why do they wait so long during the mulligan? Just to give them time to focus/get in the zone?

  7. I like Firebat’s zoo list, though I can see why people would be leaning toward running chargers when scrap imp is so strong, still… wolfrider just feels bad, I even played around with Reckless Rocketeer, but that didn’t feel great either. Losing Leeroy and Doomguard was a huge hit to Zoo’s endgame push, and I can’t help but think that this zoo really needs Power Overwhelming.

  8. firebrat. didn't stand a chance he is no where near smart enough for frozen who plays interesting good decks and not just trash brainless agro like firebrat does the brat just got lucky the entire time and frozen got unlucky and yet still out smarted this simpleton fire BRAT

  9. problem with buff zoo warlock is that without buffs the deck is not that good, just bunch of small minions.

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