Firebat vs Purple - Division B - Hearthstone Grandmasters Americas 2020 Season 1 - Week 4

Firebat and Purple face off in Americas Division B Round Robin, Week 4, Day 1 of the Hearthstone Grandmasters 2020 Season 1!

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35 thoughts on “Firebat vs Purple — Division B — Hearthstone Grandmasters Americas 2020 Season 1 — Week 4

  1. You can tell how FeelsBadMan this is for everyone. Firebat is clearly not even that hype bc he had to reverse 3-0 his homie 🙁

  2. Teron Gorefiend in Face Hunter is so so good. I think its a must include.

  3. I gotta be honest, the commentator with the blue hair looks kinda ridiculous with the drawn-on eyebrows and the (I think) makeup. Maybe go for a more natural look

  4. why purple keeps touching his hair in that weird way? even during his streams on twitch? does he have some…. problem?

  5. i thought purple was going to rage quit again after losing another 3 games in a row

  6. Oh man, those chops on Firebat. Did your razor break, champ? You need about ten more years before you can pull that look off.

  7. Tbh really sad to see everyone complaining about Purple being twitchy, people are actually happy he’s getting the latter end of the stick bc of this. He’s a good guy who’s got some anxiety, y’all gotta chill and be more understanding most of you would do the same🤷‍♂️

  8. Damn why does no one in the comments understand that these are all real people.

  9. It feels bad saying this but frodan kinda makes this hard to watch

  10. I miss watching these live on Twitch. It's just not the same live on Youtube.

  11. I hear Firebat is pretty good. . . I think Firebat won world championship back in the day with hyper-aggro Warlock. Two unleash the hounds. . . Two animal companion. .They do have charge. .

  12. Is this guy really on the pro tour? Doe he really have no faith in his deck whatsoever. .he just plays Blackjack Stunner for no reason. .just because he can. . Idiot vs pro. . Firebat is the man. His downfall, though, was mulliganing away a two mana card to start the game. .

  13. 7/7 with rush + draw 3 for 3… man i remember when doctor boom was a 7/7 op for 7… in next extention 10/10 reincarnate for 2 ! :')

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