From Beginner to Expert: The Ultimate Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide

A Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls guide on the best way to progress through the game, from 1-70, through the Torments, to the end-game. This is the fastest and most efficient way to get to end-game without outside help. Perfect for 2.1.2 and Season 2 fresh start.

Written version on The Escapist:

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25 thoughts on “From Beginner to Expert: The Ultimate Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Guide

  1. afflicted but I do not speak English, therefore I use a French-English translator to answer you

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  2. Man I am currently level 70 and I have just completed the campaign, at this point I thought I was at end game. Well I guess I was wrong

  3. Is the demon hunter multishot build worth continuing in the newest patch? I wanna play a S rank build over the multishot, but I don't want the ranks shown to influence my decision. I need help before I start all over with a new character and build,

  4. Thank you, this video really has help for information I need to understand this game really.I do really love the game but find little overwhelming but kick butt!

  5. This isn't really a beginners guide like others have said.All this is about is showing the beginners like us things we don't even know wtf this is you're talking about.And the fact how you're advertising other vids of your own in this is just a waste of time.

  6. Hello Rhykker and Rhykker-followers

    ARPG with Friendly Fire ? Ever? Anyone?

    One of the less skill-requiring issue of the genre is that you can have a tank stand at the mob/boss while ranged players do the DPS — without affecting the tank AT ALL. Not so realistic — but worse; This does not open for a more diverse and challenging element of planning/timing/moving out of the way — basically; tactics.

    I have yet to find an ARPG with friendly fire (that doesnt get ruined by idiot PK's). Anyone?

    Imagine what Friendly Fire would do to an ARPG; DPS having to time and plan when to drop the load on the boss, the tank having to run for cover, archers having to actually AIM in order not to hit other players. And — if you follow my idea — having healers being careful not to overheal, because that would (like most good things in life) have "sideeffects" that do more harm than heal to the tank. The complexity of defeating bosses and even play in parties would bring the SKILLS back to ARPGs, that is so rare these days of top players winning leaderboards by grinding, lucky drops and (sometimes) exploits.

    I hope you guys can point me in the direction 🙂

    Thanks — and a big shout out to Rhykker — Love your super information-dense talks, no pauses, no "waste" — just real hard facts and usefull info! Love it!


  7. Hi 🙂 Is the Ring of Royal Grandeur realy needed to have perfect stat, please? (when i have slot for it in cube, I could extract)

  8. Hi rhykker, hope you see this. I suggest updating your guides for the influx of new players. Specifically because of Nin Switch release 🙂

  9. Im finally getting from Cuba to Spain , my God i used to play the original Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls in console (you know all the stuff about internet in Cuba) so … Im a old player of D3 and at the same time a beginner , cause all this SH%T DOESNT sound familiar to me jaja , no no no Im really excited , now I have the oportunity to play with the necromancer but Im trying to understand what all this SEASONS are .There are a lot of new stuff for me and these guides is what i need thanks a lot.

  10. Currently playing through a reset campaign on a fresh level 70 (Sorceress) on torment on a xbox360! (Single player) feels like D2 nightmare / hell mode. Felt really good at first. Now feels like d3 again lol

  11. Got in a little before season 18. Found this video hoping it would be a good run down of some simple strats or description of game modes and mechanics. Instead i found a hub for a bunch of other videos. Not what i was hoping it was

    This also claims to be for beginners, but instructs to pick out a specific end game armor set. A beginner wont know what to look for or what exists. I certainly dont

  12. "Over and over and over and over again…" For some reason this particular part never ends for me, not for any one of the items. Strange, huh?
    It is as if Blizzard made sure you will never achieve the goals you set before yourself. Smart fellas. Doesn't make the experience more palatable to me though.

  13. from 1-70 get someone to rush you or join public games. Equip any EXP gain items. Run bot for mats

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