Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone Battlegrounds Special - Ep. 511

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00:00 Along comes Paulie
video 1.1:
subs by nicolas jv
video 1.2:
video 1.3: sent by John S.
video 1.4: sent by Sergey S.
02:12 The Scoundrel
video 2:
audio 2: ES_Lights Out Work Out 1 — Niklas Ahlström
02:47 New mechanics
video 3:
audio 3: ES_Walking The Dog 3 — Magnus Ringblom
03:18 I can fish all day!
video 4.1:
video 4.2:
video 4.3:
video 4.4:
audio 4: ES_Bop It — Jules Gaia
05:40 A wild murloc appeared
video 5:
audio 5: Kevin MacLeod — Fluffing a Duck
06:33 double dragon
video 6.1:
video 6.2:
subs by pisooos
video 6.3:
audio 6: ES_Jambalaya Stomp 2 — Martin Gauffin
07:57 More gold is required
video 7:
audio 7: Title: Nitro Fun — Cheat Codes
Video Link:
09:45 Bonus clip
10:15 Outro
Outro Music:


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37 thoughts on “Funny And Lucky Moments — Hearthstone Battlegrounds Special — Ep. 511

  1. French translation are bad “sainte marie” means Holy Mary not Holy crap means merde sacré

  2. А где же клип с кораблем под названием ГОРИЛЛА KEKW

  3. Hahahahahha the song of the first video is the reason because i follow you. Im glad to hear the song again.
    PD: im from argentina, mi inglish is sow ugly, so… me chupa un huevo (i dont care)

  4. I got golden boat'ed 2 times in the first 2 games this expansion, 1 killed me and 1 gets me down to 7 hp. Fastest 8th place games of my life.

  5. Golden zerus as eudora can be so good, I got golden lightfang out of it once, then proceeded to play the five type of minions and simply won while playing trash tier minions

  6. Как попасть в трольден спросите вы, а я отвечу!

    1)Набираете высокий рейтинг в BG. 2)играете партию минут 5-10
    3( "отвлекаетесть" и типо нажимаете на консид.
    4) Profit!

  7. The macaw goldrinn strat still loses to poisonous divine shield murlocs. Kripp Was right all along

  8. That random 6/6 at 5:57 golden but not an actual triple murloc on Krippclip.. Thanks Eudora!

  9. This is a nice showcase of the current battlegrounds: utter garbage relying on RNG and Parrots — and I don't think the latest nerfs help, because pirates still rely on first attacker coinflip..

  10. So scary, that i don't record my video. Yesterday , i have collected
    2 golden money-grubbers ( 200/200 and 150/150) and 4 golden murlocks. That is amazing! I saved only screenshots.

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